A Day They’ll Never Forget: 6 Tips for Planning a Kids Birthday Party

The cost of raising a child from the day they’re born to when they turn 18 is over $200,000. A contributor to that massive pool of money is the price of birthday parties.

We’ve all seen extravagant parties on TV that celebrities throw for their children. Those shindigs can easily set people back over $10,000.00. Even for the average family, parties typically cost over $300.00.

Here’s something that most cost-obsessed parents never learn though: when it comes to kids parties, it’s not about how much you spend. Having a successful kids birthday party comes down to ensuring that turnout is good and that you’re not overwhelmed so you can take great care of everyone.

To achieve those ends and create a birthday bash that your child won’t soon forget, consider these tips.

1. Start Developing Relationships with Parents

When you have a young child, most of their friends are going to be people that live on your block or kids they’ve met at school. While your child may know their friends well, their friend’s parents probably don’t know you.

If you randomly sent a free save the date to one of those parent’s houses, they’d be skeptical.

To reduce skepticism and raise the odds that your child’s friends’ parents will come by your party, make an effort early on to get to know them. You can do this by showing up to school functions or community events and introducing yourself.

2. Shoot for a Sunday Afternoon

In order to ensure the best turnout, kids birthday party throwers need to consider which party date works best guests. While there’s no perfect option, in our experience, shooting for a Sunday after church hours will get you the best results.

3. Pick a Theme

If there’s a TV show, book or character that your child loves, let their passion inspire your party. Themed parties always have a positive effect on fun and can make decorating a breeze since your options will be simpler.

4. Keep Your Party Local and Short

Parents of young children are busy. Most of them won’t have time to spend a whole Sunday at your child’s party.

To make coming by more enticing and to keep things easier on yourself, make sure your party is local to where most of your guests live and keep your party under 5-hours long.

5. Be Prepared for Eating Restrictions

Young children tend to have a higher rate of dietary restrictions. To make sure that nobody feels left out, survey parents prior to the party to see if anything special needs to be bought.
Nothing ruins a party faster than a child having an allergic reaction, so double-check to make sure that whatever you buy is 100% safe.

6. Specify If Parents Need to Stay

Unless you want to be babysitting tons of children, make sure you specify on your invitations whether or not parents need to stay. You’d be shocked by how many parents use birthday parties as a way to score 5-hours of free daycare.

Closing Our Kids Birthday Party Suggestions

No matter how much you spend on a kids birthday party, if you don’t have your foundations in place, you and your child are going to have a bad time.

Use our tips to get the basics in order for your upcoming event, and if you find yourself in need of more advice, feel free to check out additional content on our parent-focused blog!

  1. Greta James says

    I really liked your recommendation to pick a theme from something that the birthday child loves! I am trying to help my sister plan an amazing surprise birthday for her little girl. I know my niece is obsessed with balloons and trampolines right now, so I wonder if she would love a bouncy house at the party!

    1. CyberParent says

      Can’t go wrong with the bouncy house party!

  2. Fay says

    Wow, I had no idea that themed parties can have a positive impact on how much fun your children and their friends have. My only son is turning 5 next month and I would like to find a party room where we can celebrate this event with friends and family. We are thinking about doing the whole party dog-themed because my son loves wolves and canines and it would be awesome to do this for him.

    1. CyberParent says

      Might be fun for some of the guests to bring their own puppies as well? Have fun!

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