15 Easy DIY Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are looking to make some quick and easy Halloween treats, we have you covered.

It may be easier to buy a box of candies and chocolate bars at the local grocery store, but these sweet treats are so simple to make that even your little ones can help out!

1. Reese’s Pumpkin Spiders

These adorable and  yummy spiders are made from pretzels, Reese’s Peanut Butter pumpkins, chocolate chips and Reese’s Pieces candies. They’re easy for little ones to put together – just make sure an adult deals with the melted chocolate!

Check out the recipe here!

2. Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks

These low sugar snacks are made from pretzels and cheese. They a fast and easy snack for any Halloween gathering!

Check out the recipe here!

3. Pumpkin Krispies

This absolutely cute treat is simply Rice Krispies squares colored orange and shaped into pumpkins. They are then adorned with candy corn and M&M’s. Who can resist this spooky spin on a classic treat?

Check out the recipe here!

4. Wiggly Worms

Using only drinking straws and Jell-O, you and your kiddos can make your very own wiggly worms! Add them to some chocolate pudding “mud” for a squirmy treat!

Check out the recipe here!

5. Crescent Mummy Pizzas

What do you get when you combine Pillsbury crescent dough, pizza sauce, mozza cheese and mini pepperonis? With a little finesse, you can have your very own Mummy Pizzas!

Check out the recipe here!

6. Ghost S’mores Dip

It may be too cold to light up the bonfire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the goodness of S’mores indoors! Whip up this delightful ghost S’mores dip and go crazy with the graham crackers.

Check out the recipe here!

7. Caramel Apples

Nothing says Halloween treats like the classic candied apple! These caramel apples are super easy and can be coated with chopped peanuts, sprinkles or cookie crumbs.

Check out the recipe here!

8. Frozen “Boo” Nana Pops

These super easy and healthy Halloween snacks are sure to be a hit with your little ones. Simply coat bananas with a little bit of white chocolate and add some eyes to make a ghosty face!

Check out the recipe here!

9. Donut Pumpkins

Nothing beats a treat you don’t even have to bake! Grab some store bought donuts and decorate with orange icing. Easy!

Check out the recipe here!

10. Sugar Wafer Frankensteins

Full disclosure – these are actually Sugar Wafer Frankenstein’s monsters…but that doesn’t make them any less yummy or cute! Use sugar wafers, green icing and sprinkles to make these tasty little monsters.

Check out the recipe here!

11. Marshmallow Ghosts

Throw together some melted candy coating and marshmallows to form these yummy marshmallow ghosts! Use candies to decorate.

Check out the recipe here!

12. Mini Pretzel Pumpkins

These super cute treats require only pretzels, candy coating, sprinkles and gumdrops. They are quick and easy to make – the perfect addition to your Halloween bash!

Check out the recipe here!

13. Sand-Witches

With a witch hat cookie cutter and grilled cheese sandwiches, you can make easily make these sand-witches for a Halloween themed lunch!

Check out the recipe here!

14. Low Cal Mad Scientist Potion

Serve up this spooky (kid-friendly) brew at your Halloween gathering. This low-calorie beverage combines Kool-aid, sweetener and Sprite Zero for a refreshing taste!

Check out the recipe here!

15. Black Widow Cocktail

This one is for the adults! This creepy cocktail mixes gin and blackberry liqueur for a tasty grown-up treat. Make sure to enjoy it when the little ones are asleep and the moon is high!

Check out the recipe here!

Have a Halloween treat you want to add to the list! Throw it in the comments below!

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