Unique Family Activities: Why Getting Into RC Vehicles Is Fun for People of Any Age

Radio Controlled vehicles, popularly known as RC cars, have come quite a long way. From the first of these little, super-exciting machines from way back in the 1960s to the current crop of high-powered versions, all of them haven’t lost their magic charm. They are as incredible too as they race, as they were back then!

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t okay for people of all ages to own a couple of RC cars and planes, and proudly navigate them around. The sheer pleasure of driving round and round a track, racing amongst themselves along the sidewalk or even in the skies probably motivates all to buy one.

Regardless of the type of vehicle used or the owner’s age, the excitement is essentially the same; ineffably limitless. If you’ve never steered one before, then you will not tell with absolute certainty how adrenaline-drawing a session may feel.

Wondering why RC vehicles seem to attract people of all ages?

1. The Best Source of Some REAL Whole Family Fun!

You never know the real definition of fun until you meet a grown ass hobbyist owning several of Traxxas, HPI Racing, or Team Associated remote controlled vehicles. Getting involved in this hobby is more than merely chasing little, powerful machines and enjoying how they mimic the superior ones. The sheer sight of controlling one as it races around the living room, smashing things to smithereens is indescribable.

One of the most incredible things about the game is that you get as immersed into it as you like. There is a long list of games to play, and the good thing is, most of them know no age differences. Whether it’s racing your truck, flying that RC drone or customizing it, the thrill and enjoyment as the truck runs amok need no introduction.

2.  Do You Ever Feel Some Nostalgia?

Remember when you were a certain 6-year-old kid and life was all smooth with your most treasured toy car?

Long before the arrival of mobile and video gaming, playing outside was the ultimate plan. It was a notoriously happy era growing up back then since everyone had a little, ridiculous piece of a car to ride. And now you’ve another chance to relive the excitement again, thanks to RC cars.

These RC vehicles vary according to our diverse needs and preferences. From the conventional off-road nitro cars and trucks all the way to the more varied RC drones, quadcopters and boats, they all guarantee the same, unlimited thrill.

They come in handy, and they are the perfect way to remember the long gone moments and the nostalgia that comes with it. More than that, these cars offer the best way of combating our daily work-induced stresses that sometimes make the world a boring place. Interestingly, all you’ll need are just a couple of hours after work, and the world becomes an exciting place to be in, again.

What’s even better is, RC vehicles are enjoyable and perfect for people of all ages, you and your kids included. You gather your fellow fun lovers, each with his or her truck and the entire weekend gets lit. You will never get bored, and all stressed up with this simple, but an absolutely exciting car!

3. It Is a Healthier Way of Gaming

To stay fit and healthy, health experts recommend a regular dose of workouts. And for a vast majority of us, taking a leisurely evening walk, cycling or jogging is the ultimate way of breaking a sweat. Yet after a while, this whole activity becomes a little bit unexciting, monotonous and no longer fascinating.

There’s no perfect way to take a quick whizz around your local park than with a remote control helicopter. It offers that much-needed adrenaline rush while getting the mind to relax away from your usual hustle and bustle. What’s even more incredible is that it’s far much exciting than the same old backyard bashing, everyday evening walks and jogs and all other outdoor activities.

4.  It’s the perfect way to tame your Video-Game addicted kids

Unlike those who play video games indoors the whole summer, your kids will stay fit and healthy and thus safe from lifestyle-related diseases. They will also learn the valuable skills that include how to maintain eye contact, how to solve problems and essential motor skills. Those with an eye for car racing in the future will have sown the seed much earlier as well.

5.  There are lots of fun activities one can do with RC vehicles

Several RC car makers know these numerous activities, thankfully, including this company whose varieties are exceptionally great. But if you are wondering which kind of game you would play for that perfect afternoon of killing time and relaxing, worry no more.

Racing automatically gets you started in the world of RC vehicles. It is every RC car owner’s favorite pastime, especially the competitive part of it against one’s colleague RC car junkies. It just requires the car and a perfect spot to race one before the glamor starts. Sadly, however, from one of the most vibrant RC vehicle owners’ forum, exclusive racing is only for the newbie gamers.

For the veterans and those who see a 10-minute bash as an ancient way of using such a sweet, nitro car, stunt competitions are the real deal. The contests between guys owning similar truggies or something a little bit more exciting and organized with prize money is sure to get everyone thrilled. And whoever does the most spectacular reverse, 180s or jumps and wheelies is declared the winner!

There are those whose perfect spot to test their monster trucks are at an area with rough terrains, like in a desert. Other hobbyists, however, know that a super-exhilarating way of using it is building, maintaining and customizing the car. Be warned, however, this isn’t for newbie remote controlled car owners!

The list isn’t over yet!

RC Car Soccer is quite common among soccer-loving RC enthusiasts, primarily when the whole gang comprises a sizeable number. All that’s needed are two goalposts made of traffic cones or rocks for two teams, a rope or spray paint and a soccer ball or a beach ball and the game starts.

And also, there’s the funny lot whose best form of adventure is to use their well-customized trucks and mess with the neighbor’s cats and chickens.

Have You Chosen Your Most Preferred Remote-Control Car Yet?

If you have already purchased one, then be ready for some endless adventure. However, if you haven’t made up your mind on what choice of RC vehicle to buy, here’s some information you must understand beforehand.

First, it’s true that getting into RC vehicles is entirely enjoyable. It is one of those leisure activities that you can all engage in as a family and still get thrilled to the maximum. Once you hit the category of die-hard hobbyists, there’s no way you’ll feel bored anymore.

But it is highly essential that you most importantly choose an RC car that suits, not only your budget and preferences but also your needs. As any seasoned RC enthusiast will tell you, all the cars and trucks vary on such features as speed, handling, and the vehicle’s overall performance. They are some of the factors that make the whole piece a lot interesting to steer, regardless of whether it’s a buggy, a truck, or a truggy.

What Brand of These Cars is Your Favorite?

It can be overwhelming to choose the right RC vehicle from the hundreds that are available today, unless you go through RC car reviews.

If you need something durable and fast with a heavy-duty body, you may consider any Traxxas brand or Exceed vehicles if your budget falls on the lower end. Exceed RC cars are beginner friendly too, especially if you are dipping your toe into the world of RC for the first time. For some highly engineered, versatile high-end vehicles, you can start your search with Team Associated.

Many who’ve used their models say indeed they are built to stand the test of time. However, when you reach the status of a hobbyist, one model that may eventually make you go nuts is HPI Racing. It is very customizable!

Nitro or Electric?

You will also have to go for a car whose power source comfortably suits your needs. Both power sources are reliably good, although your choice will have to take into consideration the downsides as well. Nitro usually belongs to the seasoned group because they are loud, do last longer, and are understandably more thrilling to drive.

Up to this point, it’s clear that there are a lot of reasons why you’ve got to go for an RC vehicle. You have no real excuse to sit there, bored and without an ultimate plan when all you need is just a simple, miniature car to get you all excited. Find a car that defines your preferences; it could be available for less or slightly more than $100!

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