The Impact of Family Home Automation on Energy Efficiency

With the price of living on the rise, it seems relevant that family households are looking at saving money and energy via the use of home automation systems.

We are living in an age where most family members have a smart device of some kind, there are extra ‘power’ perks on all electrical appliances, there’s an increase in home heating and cooling systems, there’s a kitchen appliance for everything and the number of televisions per household seems to keep multiplying with every new addition to the family.

No wonder the average household is stressed with the cost of living.

That’s what’s so great about a home automation system. It allows you to automate and time your entire household with the flexibility of working off a remote control via that smart device we mentioned earlier.

The name of the game is energy efficiency so let’s look at a few basic ways home automation can save you money!

If you know when your off-peak for water, electricity and gas is – simply create automations around the home to do the necessary daily things at a time when the cost of using the energy is cheaper.

Home Appliances

Set your washing machine or dryer to run on off peak and never have to leave your bed. Load up the dishwasher of an evening and know that when you wake up in the morning not only will your dishes be clean, but you would have saved on the cost of energy used.


Do you leave the porch light on all day so that when you get home of an evening you can see where you’re walking and get the key in the keyhole on first go?

With home automation you can set for lights to go on and off at designated times, saving you money!


Have you ever put the hose or sprinkler on to water the garden and then forgot to turn it off? Whoops, we’ve all done that at least once! Home automation allows you to set timers so that you never have to wonder if you forgot to turn the hose off.

The Family Pool

Pools are another energy drain. Especially with all the cleaning devices involved it keeping them healthy and hygienic to swim in! But what if you could put these cleaning devices on your home automation system and have them cleaning your pool out of peak time? – This would save you a bundle every summer!

Heating & Cooling

Then there’s home cooling and heating systems. Most households get a shock when their electricity and gas bills come in because regulating the temperature in our homes can sometimes be a challenge. While there are some nice warm days with cool breezes to keep us comfortable, most days are usually extremely cold or extremely warm and require some sort of cooling or heating device to regulate the temperature!

The air conditioner, the fan, the heater – they chew through energy and rapidly add to your bills. Home automation allows you to regulate your home temperature all day and all night long. It allows you to set everything to turn off and on at certain intervals to keep your home temperature regulated and your bills down.

Especially at night, those hot sticky nights when you have the air conditioner running all night because if you have the timer turn it off in 3 hours you then get super-hot and sweaty. But then if you have it running all night it usually gets too cold – plus, it’s not really energy efficient!!

That’s where home automation comes to the rescue with allowing you to set your air conditioner to your desired room temperature and your unit turns on and off to maintain the temperature keeping you comfortable and cool and your electricity bill down.

Coming home to a cool home after a long day at work can also be the icing on the cake when it’s been hectically hot outside! Home automation allows you to turn your overheated, stuffy home into a cooling and soothing home nest without even having to think about it!

More Efficiency

And, handy tip – if your home has a lot of direct sun and heat streaming into your windows, solar/security film on windows are great for regulating temperature! It will help your air conditioner to regulate more efficiently during those really sticky days.

The best part of home automation for energy efficiency is that if you forget to turn something off, you have the added benefit of being able to use your smart device as a remote to remotely control your home settings.

With so many benefits to home automation, it’s no wonder more households are jumping on the automation bandwagon – it’s the smart thing to do!

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