7 Driving-Related Facts That Will Shock You

Did You Know That Driving with Your Kids Is 12 Times More Dangerous Than Using Your Cellphone in the Car?

Driving-related accidents have become so common nowadays that we assume we know everything about them. Yet such traumatic events can often result in severe physical injuries as well as emotional trauma. There are many factors that lead to car accidents, including distracted driving, drunk driving, texting while driving, and etc. Though we acknowledge the dangers of drunk driving, we often ignore the fact that using your cellphone is often much riskier.

Here are seven shocking facts that you should always keep in mind when you are driving:

Every 16 Minutes, Somebody Loses Their Life in an Accident

A report released by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2017 revealed that one person dies in a car accident every 16 minutes. This is equivalent to 92 people dying in car crashes every single day.

Majority of Car Accidents Happen Close to Home

Statistics show that most car accidents happen near the residence of the driver. Research conducted by Esurance.com and Progressive Insurance showed that a person is more likely to get involved in a car accident when they are within 25 miles of their house. In case of an accident and you need legal representation, hire a car accident lawyer from Derrick Law Firm.

Almost One-Third of Fatalities in Drunk Driving Crashes are Young People

Age appears to be a major risk factor when it comes to alcohol impairment. In almost 30 percent of fatal car crashes involving drunk driving, the drunken motorist was between 21 – 24 years of age. Even more disturbing is the fact that more teenagers are getting involved in drunken driving accidents, despite the fact that 21 is the minimum drinking age.

Rollover Crashes are the Deadliest Type of Car Accident

A rollover crash is said to occur when a vehicle tips and rolls over during an accident. This is the most deadly type of accident because in most cases, the occupants of the car are ejected from the vehicle and suffer traumatic head injuries. The weird thing about this statistic is that rollover crashes only occur in a mere three percent of car collisions. However, they are still responsible for over 30 percent of car accident fatalities.

Placing Your Phone Out of Sight Minimizes Your Chances of a Crash

When your phone is in your purse or pocket as you drive, your likelihood of being involved in a car crash is reduced by a factor of three.

Drunken Bike Riders are More Prone to Fatal Crashes than Drunk Driver

Motorcycle riders tend to be involved in more alcohol-related fatal crashes than car drivers. So keep an eye out on drunken motorcyclists when driving.

Texting While Driving is More Common among Older Drivers than Teenagers

It is common knowledge that most teens text while driving. However, what is amazing is that it is their parents who are more likely to do so. Studies show that older people with more driving experience tend to check and answer text messages while at the wheel than teenagers do.

Just when you thought you knew everything about driving, there comes along more shocking facts. These are just some of the things to keep in mind when driving, so stay sober when driving and avoid distractions that may lead to a car accident.

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