7 Affordable (And Stylish) Baby Clothing Brands For New Parents

If you’re expecting a little one or looking to re-stock your child’s wardrobe, here are 10 baby clothing brands that are affordable, stylish, and on trend!

One of the best parts of being a new parent is picking out adorable outfits for your little one to wear. Picking out tiny onesies and mini pants and teeny t-shirts tends to send new parents into a cuteness overload that can lead to some serious overspending. This is the last thing new parents need since finances change so much when your little one comes along.

Wondering how you can get all the cute baby clothes you want without breaking the bank? The secret is finding baby clothing brands that are affordable but still cute as heck – just like your little one.

These brands are the top picks when it comes to both style and affordability.

Baby Gap

You trust The Gap to have stylish and affordable clothes for you, but did you know their baby clothing line is just as affordable and stylish? From onesies with adorable patterns and sayings to dresses to those baby hoodies with little ears that make your little look like a bear – Baby Gap has it all!

And most importantly, they have it all for a price point that makes parents swoon, especially when they’re having a sale. On sale, onesies can go for as low as $4.99 and non-sale onesies are typically between $12 and $14. High-quality pants, t-shirts, and pants rarely go for more than $25.

Their two or three-piece outfits can get a bit pricey, but if you shop smart, you can get some adorable outfits for very little dough. 

H&M Kids

H&M is another brand you trust for your fashion essentials that also has a children’s clothing line. Like their adult clothing line, H&M’s children’s line provides basic clothing essentials for a price that means you can stock up on each color of a clothing item. They also have chic styles that you won’t find in your typical baby clothing store, so your baby can be as fashionable as you.

A five-pack of different colored jersey leggings goes for a mere $30. A three-pack of basic t-shirts or onesies is about $15. A hoodie and pants set is only $18! And some of their more fashionable items – like a knit cardigan – are rarely more than $30 apiece.

If you’re looking to stock up on the basics for cheap or grab a chic item or two, H&M is the perfect place to snag some amazing clothes without racking up a major bill.


Let’s be honest, as a new parent you’re going to be at your local Target pretty much every other day. So, an affordable baby clothing brand that is exclusively sold at Target offers not only affordability but convenience. 

Circo offers a wide range of styles that please all fashion-conscious parents. One thing that Circo really excels at is fashionable gender-neutral clothing. Many baby clothing brands are so stuck in the binary – every piece of clothing is either for a boy or for a girl. But Circo offers a plethora of outfits in gender-neutral colors and patterns without the “Handsome Man” or “Pretty Princess” graphics, which is something a lot of Millennial parents love.

A three-pack or four-pack of basic onesies go for less than $10. Two or three-piece outfits are generally between $10 and $15. If you’re looking for high-quality basics with adorable patterns, Circo has you covered. 

Uniqlo Baby

Uniqlo is known for its super chic adult looks, but you probably didn’t know that they also offer super chic looks for your baby!

Minimalism is the watchword for all of Uniqlo’s baby clothes. If you’re looking for onesies that don’t have loud patterns or graphics all over them, Uniqlo’s style will make you swoon. All of their clothes are either single-color or rely on very simple patterns. Another thing that makes this brand stand out is its super stretchy, super soft fabric. Your baby will be as comfortable as they are fashionable.

A short sleeve or long sleeve onesie runs about $10, with some as low as $6! One-piece outfits – think the kinds that zip or button up the front are also under $10. 

The only drawback to this brand is that their baby line is small. There isn’t much variety and they pretty much only sell one-piece outfits. But each piece in this small line is chic as heck and super affordable. 

Joe Fresh Sprout

If the style you love for your little one includes lots of bright colors and fun patterns, then Joe Fresh Sprout is the brand for you. This baby clothing line offers a wide variety of vibrantly colored essentials and t-shirts and pants with adorable graphics and patterns. 

And because of the super affordable prices, you’ll be able to stock up on these multicolored staples without breaking the bank. Onesies and leggings are both 2 for $10! T-shirts and dresses are all between $8 and $16. 

Joe Fresh Sprout also has an amazing sale section where all their awesome styles go for rock bottom prices. 

Zara Mini

For the designer conscious parents who want to dress their kids in the same names as them, Zara Mini is the perfect baby clothing line. Like any high fashion brand, Zara comes out with seasonal collections – for adults and their tiny humans. So, if you’re shopping at Zara Mini, you’ll know your baby is sporting the latest fashions.

And just because the line is designer doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. Their organic cotton onesies, t-shirts, and leggings are usually less than $10. Meticulously designed dresses and rompers range from $15 to $25. Jumpsuits and overalls go for between $20 to $25.

If you’re a fashion-conscious parent looking for clothes as cute as yours without the designer prices, Zara Mini is the brand for you.

Nickis Kids

While it’s always good to find clothing basics at low low prices, there’s also something to be said for splurging on some items every once in a while. If you’re looking for a designer kids brand that really impresses check out Nicki’s Kid’s Chloe line. 

With all the money you’ve saved by shopping the other brands on this list, you’ll be able to afford all the high-fashion styles from this brand.

Choosing Affordable Baby Clothing Brands

Finding affordable and cute baby clothing brands is essential for new parents. Babies grow so quickly that you’ll feel like you’re constantly buying new baby clothes. Since you’re buying so many clothes, it’s incredibly important that the clothes you’re buying are affordable. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for price. 

These are just a few of the brands that allow you as a new parent to stock up on super cute clothes without going broke.

For more tips about saving money as a new parent, check out the “Money” section of our website. Our parenting experts are always happy to share their tips!

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