Bus Safety: How to Keep Your Little Safe on the Ride to School

How to Keep Your Little Safe on the Ride to School – Tips for family safety riding the bus to school.

School buses are, without a doubt, one of the safest methods of travel. But imagine that, for example, a child got involved in an accident on their way to or from school because of negligence on your part as a parent, teacher, or driver.

There would definitely be a lot of the ‘blame game’ but often little action taken to handle and ultimately sort the situation out. While some parents may be inclined to go the legal route, the reality is this is many of these accidents are avoidable and a “better safe than sorry” approach reigns supreme. It’s your job to keep your children safe!

Ultimately, bus safety breaks down into 3 different areas: How to safely board the bus, how to behave on the bus, and how to safely get off the bus.

Tips for family safety riding the bus to school

1. Getting on the bus

First, it’s important to teach children that when waiting for the school bus, they should stay away from traffic. They should also avoid roughhousing and other related behavior that contribute to carelessness while doing so.

Second, children should be taught the right place to board the bus. Precisely, they should line up away from the road or street as the bus approaches.

Third, children should not approach the bus until it stops and the door opens.

The fourth tip is to use the handrail when boarding to prevent falls.

Lastly, children should be warned not to stray onto the alleys, private property, or the street,

2.Behavior on the Bus

It’s important to teach children to practice safety measures and to maintain discipline while on the bus. To begin with, it’s important to teach children to buckle up if seat belts are available and to stay in their seats.

They should also avoid speaking loudly or making loud noises that potentially distract the driver. Another important safety tip is to avoid putting their head, arms, or hands out of the window. The driver should make good use of the mirrors to detect and prevent such behavior to avoid accidents.

It’s also important to teach children to keep aisles clear of bags, books, or anything that can cause other children to trip or prevent free movement when boarding or getting off the bus.

Finally (and while not s safety tip per-say) it’s important to remind children to get all their belongings together before reaching their stop.

3.Getting off the bus

The first tip on getting off the bus is to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting up from the sit. That way, children will avoid accidents caused by force of inertia and other unexpected issues that may lead to sudden falls or injuries.

Second, children should be taught on the importance of crossing the road under the guidance of the driver. Specifically, if they have to cross the road in front of the bus, then they should walk at least 10 feet ahead until they can see the driver and wait for the signal from the driver before crossing. The process of crossing the road is to look left, right, then left again and only cross when the road is clear while keeping an eye on sudden traffic changes.

It’s also important to teach the children to wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the center line of the road. Lastly, it’s important to teach children to stay away from the rear wheels of the bus at all times.

Wrapping it up

Although you and your child may have all the right information and take all the necessary measures to stay safe, accidents may happen.

Adhere to these simple safety tips and keep your children safe!

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