Claiming Injury Compensation on Behalf of Your Child

Every parent does their utmost to keep their child safe and well, but kids do experience cuts and scrapes from time-to-time.

Although it’s common for children to sustain minor injuries on occasion when they’re playing or taking part in sports, there are times in which children can be more seriously injured.

If you’re traveling in a car with your family and a collision occurs, for example, your child could sustain serious or life-threatening injuries.

Alternatively, if your kids are left unsupervised when they’re at school, they could experience an avoidable injury.

In these types of situations, you may want to take action against the people responsible for harming your child and, with help from personal injury lawyers, you can. 

What is Injury Compensation? 

People claim injury compensation when they’ve been injured because of someone or something else.

If a reckless driver hits your car on the highway, for example, you could make a claim against them so that you can obtain compensation for your injuries and loss of earnings, as well as damage to your property.

There are numerous situations in which it’s possible to claim injury compensation, but you will need to prove that a particular individual or company is liable for your injuries. 

Who Can Claim Injury Compensation?

Technically, anyone can claim injury compensation, providing the circumstances meet the criteria under law.

If you were responsible for an accident, for example, you wouldn’t be able to take action against anyone else involved because you were at fault.

However, if someone else was partly or wholly responsible, you may be able to access compensation. 

People tend to assume that only adults can obtain compensation following an accident or injury, but this isn’t true. In many instances, children and young people can be eligible to obtain compensation for injuries too. 

How Can a Child Obtain Personal Injury Compensation?

If a child has been hurt, they won’t be able to instigate legal action themselves.

As a parent or guardian, however, you can take action on their behalf. If the claim is successful, any compensation they are awarded will usually be held in trust for them until they’re older.

However, parents may be appointed as trustees and may be able to use the funds to pay for certain things, such as medical care arising from the incident. 

How Do You Make a Claim?

Whether you’re making a claim yourself or on behalf of a minor, it’s advisable to seek legal help. With assistance from reputable personal injury attorneys, you can find out if you’re eligible to make a claim and, if so, how much compensation you could receive. 

The law regarding personal injury can be complex, but the procedural regulations regarding claims are difficult to navigate too.

With claim deadlines and evidentiary issues to consider, seeking expert help can be the easiest way to obtain compensation.

If you want to ensure your claim has the best chance of success, an experienced personal injury lawyer can give you the right guidance. 

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