Regenerative Medicine and the Cosmetics industry

New innovations and improvements to cosmetic procedures are always being introduced to the cosmetics and beauty market.

One of the latest innovative and effective procedures being used in the cosmetics industry is regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine encompasses innovative techniques that enable the body to naturally regenerate aging cells, organs, and tissues.

Its also one of the less invasive cosmetic treatments, which is another market trend thats been gaining momentum for some time.

Surgical and cosmetic fat transfer is already a popular form of cosmetic therapy. Fat transfer also involves removing a small amount of fat, preparing it for use, and injecting it into the area being treated.

If youre interested in innovative, effective, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, heres a closer look at regenerative medicine and fat transfer:

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a scientific process that involves extracting living cells from a patient, then using those cells to create living tissue. This living tissue is then used to restore or establish normal function in a different area of the body.

Clinicians and scientists have been using regenerative medicine techniques for a number of years.

Not for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes though –  primarily to treat burns and other skin issues, nerve regeneration, and transplants.

In recent years, however, regenerative medicine techniques have become more popular in the luxury aesthetics and cosmetic industry as they are so effective at reducing the signs of aging and helping to repair damaged skin.

Procedures utilizing fat transfer and Super Enriched Tissue using a patients own cells also enable physicians to create applications that are more natural, less invasive, and more effective than some traditional cosmetic procedures.

Fat Transfer and Super Enriched Tissue

Fat transfer and super enriched tissue procedures are similar to that of regenerative medicine. Fat is rich in stem and regenerative cells, so the regenerative results are similar.

Another procedure gaining in popularity in cosmetic clinics in London is Super Enriched Tissue. This procedure also involves extracting fat tissue from a patient, then going through a process to create the Super Enriched Tissue.

This is then injected into the area being treated, and the result is a plumper, more youthful look and feel to the skin.

Around 50-70% of fat cells survive during these procedures, and because the solution is made from a patients own cells, the results last longer than chemical fillers.

More importantly, fat transfer and regenerative procedures are safer and longer-lasting than man-made chemical alternatives.

Recovery is also quick. Depending on the area being treated and the amount of solution administered, most patients are sore for days but can go about their daily routines.


If you’re looking to have a cosmetic procedure done, you should consider the benefits of regenerative medicine.

By using your own body’s tissues, you are allowing your body to naturally regenerate aging cells, organs, and tissues.

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