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It is summertime. Some kids will be alone at home duringthe summer. We want it to be a safe home for you and your brothers and sisters.

How does your family rate for safety?

Help your family stay safe by taking the following testdesigned by the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. Although this list does not list every dangeraround the home, it will help your family start on safety.

If your mom and dad don’t live in the same house, do asafety check for each house. You can also do a safety check for your grandparents’ homesand any other homes where you spend a lot of time, like a caregiver.

Start by answering the questions. If you do not know theanswer to one of the questions, ask your parents.

Home Safety Quiz

Safety Questions

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See directions  below this table for scoring.
Yes No Sometimes
Our family buckles up on every car ride.        
Our family wears helmets when bicycling or skating. We also wear life preservers when boating or near dangerous water. We never swim alone.        
Kids under 10 never cross streets alone.        
Our home has working smoke detectors and we check the batteries monthly.        
Our water heaters are set no higher than 120 degrees to prevent scald burns.        
If guns are in our home, they are kept unloaded and locked away. (If there are no guns in your home, check "yes.")        
Kids are protected against falls from windows, stairs, furniture, and playground equipment.        
Household cleaners, medicines, and vitamins are stored out of young kids’ reach.        
Our home has emergency numbers near telephones.        
Our home has first aid supplies and we all know where to find them.        

My Family’s Score

Scoring: Now go back and give your family 10 points foreach "yes" answer. Give your family 0 points for each "no" answer.Give your family 5 points for each "sometimes" answer. Add the scores and putyour total in the yellow blank above.

If your family did not get 100, show this to your parentsor grandparents. They can help you be safe for the summer.

Can you think of a question the National SAFE KIDSCampaign forgot?

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How does your family score for your question?_____________________________________________

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