Signs or symptoms of child abuse.

Child Abuse: Signs or symptoms of abuse in children. Warning signs of physicalabuse, neglect, mental emotional, and sexual abuse of a child. Mental and emotional abuseare harder to spot than physical or sexual abuse. It’s the law: child abuse must bereported.


Abuse of Children: The Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse.

Joy Stevens

There are many warning signs of child abuse. Once you suspect a child is being abused, report it to the proper authorities. That’s the law and it is the only choice when children are involved in abuse.

There are many warning signs of abuse of children. One sign, one or two times,does not necessarily mean anything. Keep watching before you jump to conclusions but onceyou are reasonably sure, report it to the proper authorities. That’s the law and the onlychoice when children are involved.

Physical Abuse: Sores,burns, bruises on body. A reluctance or vagueness about where these originated.Bruises and burns are the most persistent physicalsymptoms.

Neglect: Soileddiapers, dirty hair, unwashed clothes, body odor. Sometimes weight loss and lacklusterskin and/or hair can indicate neglect, particularly in a proper or sufficient diet.

Emotional or Mental Abuse:This is harder to tell. Abused children often become quiet but that is notalways a way to tell. Lack of self-esteem is another way to tell but again, that does notmean children are abused.

Sexual Abuse: There are warning signsof sexual abuse of children, too. Precociousbehavior; sexual knowledge, through language or behavior, that is beyond what is normal fortheir age; copying adult sexual behavior; inappropriate sexual behavior suchas kissing on the mouth and/or attempting to insert tongue in your mouth; soreness,redness, chaffing around genitals; habitual sleeping with parent of opposite sex in pre-teen or older; reluctance or outright refusal to let you wash or drythose parts of the body; persistent sexualplay with other children, themselves, toys or pets.

Remember that inappropriatetouching is also sexual abuse. This is not uncommon, particularly when alcoholor drugs are involved.

Additional information about abuse and being abused.

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