Car Selling Tips When Upgrading to a Family Vehicle

Sure, a two-door hatchback was great for zipping around town when you’re single or newlywed. But if your family is growing, it’s probably time to upgrade and find the perfect car to ensure your little ones are safe and have plenty of room.

So now you’re scratching your head, wondering the best way to sell your old car. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some car selling tips so you can get the perfect car for your family.

First, Clean Your Car

One of the top tips for selling your car is to clean it.

Like selling a home, first impressions are everything so you must wash and vacuum it until it’s pristine. Give your car a once-over so it’s free from dents, dings, and scrapes.

Clear out any junk so it’s easier for the prospective buyer to visualize the car as theirs. Also, have maintenance records ready to show potential customers but ensure you’ve given it a service beforehand.

It’s also wise to order a vehicle history report so the buyer can see the car’s title is clean and the odometer reading is accurate.

How Much to Sell For

putting for sale sign on brown car outide

The best way to sell a used car yourself is to know the market. Will your car be easy to sell? Or will you have to drop your price and search for other avenues to sell it?

Survey the online classified ads and price your car competitively. There are exceptions to the rules but follow your intuition and leave wiggle room with your asking price.

For example, if you hope to get an $11,000 for the old car, list it at $12,500. Note that people negotiate in thousands instead of smaller increments like hundreds. So if a person makes a lower offer, it’ll be closer to your actual price rather than below it.

Where to Sell Your Car

Many websites take second-hand cars but if yours isn’t in the greatest condition, you can Google “where to sell a junk car near me” so they can take it off your hands.

The best way to sell a car privately is by using Facebook and Twitter so your network knows you are selling. Online car forums are also helpful, as they have classified sections where you can list your car. Another great way is by word of mouth, you never know which mutual friend needs a new car.

But remember one of the more important tips for selling used cars is being reliable.
If you run a classified ad, make sure you’re available to take phone calls from buyers. Not all buyers will leave a message for a return call so always answer and be polite. A good impression is the first step to getting buyers to see the car.

Showing Your Car

If you’re selling your car to a private party, then use your intuition. Are they difficult or pushy? If yes, maybe waiting for another buyer might be the way to go. Keeping stress to a minimum when selling a used car should be a priority. It is difficult to think clearly when you are stressed.

Not everyone is comfortable inviting buyers over to see the car. If that’s you, meeting at a shopping center or a park is a great way to keep things open and in the public. This can also alleviate potential fears in the buyer. Remember, they might be fearful or skeptical also.

The buyer will also wonder if you’re trustworthy so you must answer their questions politely and openly. And before a buyer takes your car for a test-drive, ensure they have a valid driving license.
Ride along so you can answer any questions about the car’s history and performance. This would be a great time to show an inspection report from your mechanic to put their minds to rest.

Finalizing the Sale

Rules regarding the sale of motor vehicles vary from state to state, so check with your local department of motor vehicles (DMV).

Once you receive money from the sale, record the odometer reading and sign the car’s title over to the buyer. Also, download a release-of-liability form from the DMV website in case the buyer gets into an accident as they’re driving away with your old car.

The form protects you as it establishes when the car left your possession. Also, contact your insurance company to cancel your policy on the vehicle and transfer the coverage to your family car.

Now what kind of vehicle should you buy for your family?


As a parent, you must consider:

Car Safety Features

Safety must be your top priority when browsing family cars. Decide whether the car has the best safety features to protect you and your family.

While you can’t predict an accident, find a car that ranks 5 out of 5 for safety on Ancap. Anything less isn’t worth the risk! Find a car with these features:

  • Rear parking sensors
  • Backing camera
  • Multiple airbags
  • Forward collision warning

Also ensure there’s enough room for a child’s car seat as proper installation is crucial.

The Size

You need a vehicle roomy enough for you, your kids, car seats, prams, their belongings, and groceries. If you plan to go on vacation with your car, there must also be enough room to fit everyone’s luggage.

The Best Family Cars Are…

Feeling stumped? Looking for recommendations? Consider these family-friendly cars.

Dacia Duster

If you’re after space and practicality, then a Dacia Duster is for you. Alongside a sturdy design, it’s affordable which is perfect for a new family. Plus there’s plenty of space for a car seat and your family’s belongings.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf has been a family favorite for years as it’s spacious and well-built. Handling is agile and good feedback so you’ll be safe when you’re doing the school runs.


Knowing car selling tips before you take the plunge is essential. Decide where to share your listing, always advertize your car for more, and evaluate the buyer before making a deal.

Also, there are many family-friendly cars on the market. Find one that is robust, has many safety features, and room for your family. Good luck!

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