Learn to Throw the Best 1st Birthday Party from this Korean Tradition

Check out these tips for throwing a unique and exciting birthday party for your little one!

Dol is a Korean tradition where parents celebrate a baby’s first 100th day.

In it, the parents throw a unique and entertaining tradition called Doljabi where a baby is presented with 6 toys to choose from that predicts the baby’s future.

The selection of toys is carefully chosen by the parents and are usually related to the parent’s wishes for the child’s future.

If a parent wishes the baby for a successful financial future, they might put a toy version of a hundred-dollar bill for wealth, yellow lightning bolt for abundant energy, book for learning, mouse for a career in computer engineering, and stethoscope for a career as a doctor.

As long as you have a selection of items and a representation of each, you’re well on your way to hosting an adventurous party for your baby.

The entertainment for your guests is from the raffle that’s a part of the party. When each guest arrives at a baby’s party, they are given the chance to predict the item that the child will choose, and the guest(s) who predicts the correct item wins the raffle.

What’s a better way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday than blessing a fortunate future for your baby, entertaining your guests, and eating fine dishes with your close family and friends?

Prepare the Right Items

As a parent, you’ll want to set your baby for success, so the items of your choice are important.

You can choose anything and associate them with a meaning of your choice such as a mini robot for a career in Artificial Intelligence.

Just one thing to keep in mind is, you would want these items to be as safe and light for your baby to pick up so we suggest items made out of clay. One example of a set made out of clay is this Traditional Doljabi Set.

A good rule of thumb is to have 5-7 items for your baby. Not enough items can deter the baby from choosing one because of a lack of interest.

And make sure that each item is different from each other to make it more fun for your baby.

Preparing the Raffle

The raffle is the entertainment for the guests of the party.

You should provide your guests with a brief description of the activity that’ll take place and a board that presents all the items you’ll lay out for the baby and what each item predicts for the baby’s future.

That way, your guests can find amusement in guessing the type of baby you have and cueing that through the item that they predict your baby will choose.

And who doesn’t get at least a little excited about seeing if they’re right about their guess?

When multiple people win, you can choose a couple of winners through a simple contest like drawing straws or through an elaborate way like hosting a game among the winners of the raffle to declare the winner of winners.

Preparing a Presentation for your Kid

Some Koreans like to create a slideshow of their baby photos during their 1st year and give a message to the audience that’s specifically geared to the baby.

Usually, these messages are the parent’s promise to the baby in how they’ll raise them.

These messages closely resemble, “No matter what, you’ll come first in my life and I will love you and protect you always.”

Ending the Party on a Positive Note

There are three things in life that are important – good company, good music, and good food.

After everyone has settled down from the activity and raffle, it’s your turn to play good music and provide good food.

The music should fit the atmosphere and should be geared towards your audience.

And good food? That’s always a must.

Try these tips to throw your baby and your guests a unique and exciting party!

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