Must See Holiday Movies on Netflix

There’s something about putting up my Christmas decorations and holding a glass of wine that makes me want to hunker down and watch a good Christmas movie.

With streaming services such as Netflix, finding a holiday film can either easy or daunting.

With so many movies to choose from, I’ve helped you out by listing a few of the best, hilarious and cheesy holiday films you can find on Netflix:


The Christmas Chronicles

2018 – Netflix Original

Starring: Kurt Russell

Siblings Kate and Teddy attempt to capture Santa Clause on film but get more than they bargained for.

This, of course, means they go on an adventure. Christmas Chronicles is a perfect choice for a holiday family movie night.

Kurt Russell in anything is amazing, so expect no less as he dons the merry man’s mantle.


A Story Bots Christmas

2017 – Netflix Original

Starring: Judy Greer

Poor Bo thinks that her friends don’t like the gifts she gave them so she seeks out Santa for better present-making advice.

Definitely a must-see for the kids since Story Bots has it all – colourful animation, catchy songs and an educational lesson along the way.




Santa Claws


Starring: Ezra James Colbert and Nicola Lamb

In the cheesy, yet fun, Christmas romp, Tommy’s mother refuses to celebrate Christmas and also demands that Tommy get rid of their 3 kittens. He leaves them for Santa Claus to take but Santa is allergic to cats.

He suffers an allergic reaction and passes out. It’s up to the kittens to deliver the presents.

P.S. The kittens talk. Bonus cheese points.


Tree Man


Starring: Literally Nobody

Francois the Tree Man sells Christmas trees in New York City every holiday season, but this means leaving his family behind in Quebec and living in a van.

But for a month, New York City is home and Francois delivers the magic of the season to his New York family through his amazing storytelling.

Check it out!





Starring: Toni Collette and Adam Scott

Young Max’s family clashes during the holiday and causes him to turn his back on Christmas.

Huge mistake, because his lack of Christmas spirit summons the wrath of Krampus – a demonic force intent on punishing non-believers.

Definitely not a film for the little ones but, hey, you’re an adult.



Love Actually


Starring: Everyone British

This holiday classic interweaves tales of love and heartbreak during the Christmas season.

Love Actually features Hugh Grant as England’s newest Prime Minister who finds love in an unlikely place as well as Alan Rickman as a grumpy husband tempted by the office seductress.

Many other notable and talented actors take part in various story lines that eventually connect into an epic and tear-jerking love story.

I should warn you that there are definitely some scenes not suitable for children. This is a pour-yourself-a-glass-of-wine-enjoy-with-your-mates-or-partner kind of movie. Also, bring tissues.


Nailed It! Holiday!

2018 – Netflix Original

Starring: Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres

If you haven’t seen any of the Nailed It! series on Netflix, you need to watch it now. Each episode features three wannabe bakers who compete in order to show of their (nonexistent) baking prowess.

The key here is that none of these people are professionals and are generally shunned by their friends and families for their baking skills. Oh, and the creations they are expected to make are anything but simple.

In keeping with the hilarity of the premise is the witty banter between host Nicole Byer and professional baker Jacques Torres. This show is just fun. Fun, fun and fun.

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