Chewy, Crispy, Crunchy: Reasons Why People Love Cookies During Holidays

You can never resist the freshly baked smell of cookies, regardless if you want an iced butter cookie, chocolate chip cookie, or that one of a kind recipe that only your grandmother can bake during the holidays.

Well, all cookies are doubtlessly delicious. 

Most of all, one of the things that you may love about cookies is that you don’t need any reason to make yourself enjoy a taste of freshly baked cookies along with milk glass.

Cookies don’t belong to the new trends, but definitely, it’s a lasting one.

Here are some reasons why people love baked cookies during holiday seasons:

They Have Many Flavor Options

People love cookies during holidays since you can have them in a lot of flavors. It is hard to find people who haven’t even tried tasting a cookie in their entire life.

From butter cookie flavor to a firmer cookie that looks like a shortbread along with a royal icing decoration, and those chewy crunchy chocolate chip cookies that are soft. 

Cookies are for everybody. Find your choice of cookie recipe and make an experiment out of it. Change the type of chocolate chips, the flavoring, or add some ingredients.

You can also add a hint of almond or lemon to make a classic butter cookie. 

If you’re not that inspired to make some cookies, just think of the bonus when trying out a new cookie recipe, and it’s eating them.

Despite how easy it is to bake some cookies, there are still some cookie baking tips and tricks, you will also learn how to prepare, store, and bake cookies.

Cookies Are Perfect Gifts

Cookies are perfect gift ideas when thanking someone. Your family and friends would appreciate receiving cookies on their birthdays, especially on Christmas day.

Giving cookies can show how much you appreciate someone, such as giving it to your teachers, bus drivers, or doctors. 

Specially made butter cookies come in any theme and any design. From apples and school buses, nurses and doctors, birthday cakes with dedication, on a Christmas celebration, cookies can bring a smile and show true appreciation.

With endless options, such as chocolate-dipped oreo cookies, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and decorated butter cookies.

All of these are a nice way to show your love and appreciation for someone. 

Cookies Create Memories

During holidays, something about the reminiscing feeling shows up and comes from the very first bite of your best-loved cookies. Growing up with your family, a get together is expected when Christmas is approaching. 

Making cookie from a scratch of dough, gathering all the sprinkles and icing you could find, and spending many hours decorating your freshly baked cookies.

A Christmas memory where you can always remember the effort you exert just to make your household happy while eating your baked cookies.

Memories are shared and created with full plates of cookies and pass along every year. 

Here are some occasions where cookies are necessarily involved and might be the best part of your memory:

Cookie Swaps

The Family tradition changed as you get older, and they would start hosting a party which includes exchanging cookies.

Your friends and family will make their favorite cookie recipe and bring them over. Some are studded, some are decorated, and some have chocolate chips and some would sprinkle powdered sugar on it.

Then you will have to swap your cookies and everybody takes their exchange cookies with happiness and joy.

Traditional Cookie Tables

Other families have the necessary wedding receptions with their traditional wedding cookie tables. Some cities have their popular traditions in their region and also in culture, a cookie table is essential.

It is their amazing way to provide special taste to their guests from all over the globe.

Corporate Celebrations And Promotions

Some corporate events or meetings have centerpiece snacks which include cookies and it’s various flavors.

Cookies can catch the attention of possible clients at a sales meeting, they can go home with a goody bag packed with cookies on it. 

Cookies are a Multitask Snack

Though it may seem improbable, at a wedding event cookies are the best way so that you can multitask. Since cookies are being used as a seat reservation, centerpiece and favor all in one. 

Besides, that cookies are a table statement piece, it is also a great snack for before and after dinner. Plus, using cookies in many different ways helps you stick to your budget and save some money.

Bite-size cookie style, chocolate-dipped Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, and mini iced cookies, all are guest favorites.

It adds more food display attractions in any event. Cookies can be decorated with royal icing, chocolate, drizzled, and colored accents. Cookies are a glamour-puss at every party!

In baking your homemade cookies you can always use organic and local ingredients and still save some money. 


Above all the desserts that you can bake, cookies are the most fun and easiest one to make.

They are the most usual desserts being taught in your childhood days and always in the centerpiece in a bake sale and potluck.

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