Gift Giving: Personalized Valentines Gift Ideas for Lovers

Gifts and Gift Giving: If your Valentine’s gifts should reflect the time and thought you spent, not the money, take these suggestions and build on them. Remember, gifts for lovers do not have to wait until Valentine’s Day. Give one today!

Gifts of Time

  • Gift of attention for a day.
  • Farm out the kids and set up a spa at home for a day.
  • Give a day of your time for cleaning, fixing, or mending. Your lover tells you what that gift will be and you do it willingly–with a smile.
  • A romantic Valentine picnic if you are in the right locale for being outside.
  • A romantic night by the fire if you are in a northern part of the world.

Original Gifts

  • Your own love letter.
  • Some item you made with your own hands.
  • A list of all the many things you love about the other person.
  • A trip down memory lane, written or verbal, that brings back the first days of your love.
  • A serenade–assuming you can sing or play an instrument.
  • Personal Gifts

This is not the time for a new lawn mower or vacuum cleaner.

Instead try:

  • A cherished new item for his or her special collection.
  • A framed picture of you both that he or she has never seen.
  • A day at a commercial spa, probably the first for the man in your life.

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