3 Great Ideas For Cleaning Up Your House

Spring cleaning is here once again! Unlike most years though and, due to the spread of the coronavirus, you probably have a lot more time at home than usual.

While this should provide you with more time to clean up your house, it can also lead you to make your home more messy since you’re spending so much more time there than usual.

Even though you might not have guests coming over to your house right now, it will help your mental state to keep your home tidy.

Try out some of the tips below to keep your home spick and span this spring!

Invest In The Appropriate Storage

Many people are beginning to pick up new hobbies because they are spending more time at home. Some are learning to paint while others are expanding their cooking repertoire. Some people are getting into making jigsaw puzzles.

The one downside to many of these hobbies is that they can make your home a messier place.

For example, if puzzles are your thing, consider getting some jigsaw puzzles accessory storage. There are many puzzle accessories and organizers you can buy that will help in storing your puzzle as well as displaying it!

Develop A Cleaning Routine

Creating a habit of cleaning up around the house can be the easiest way to keep your house neat and orderly. To do this, try and stick with your normal work routine even though you aren’t commuting at the moment.

When you get up in the morning, put all your breakfast dishes away. At night, do the same thing.

Keeping your kitchen clean will help encourage you to make healthy food during this crisis and it won’t leave you with a feeling of being overwhelmed each time you enter the kitchen.

Do the same in other places around the house. Turn on your favorite podcast or album and pick up a few things around the house.

This will help provide you with a sense of control – which everyone needs right now as there is a lot of uncertainty out in the world.

Set A Goal Every Other Day

One of the keys to cleaning up your home and sorting through old drawers or boxes (that you’ve been avoiding for a long while) is to write down your goals.

On your phone’s calendar app, or the calendar you have hanging in your house, write down a cleaning goal that you want to accomplish every other day.

If you have an especially large project that you want to tackle, break down the goal into multiple steps that you accomplish over several days.

The key is to not get overwhelmed. Just because you’re spending more time at home now doesn’t mean you should feel the need to work on personal projects every minute!

Breaking up the projects will give you a sense of success without you quitting along the way.

Whether you need some jigsaw puzzle accessories storage, a set routine or new cleaning goals, take advantage of this time period to reorganize your home!

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