3 Essential Furnishings For Your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a rather fun experience, picking out cute colors for the walls, finding some child-friendly decorations and turning their room into a cute and cozy space.

The downside of having so much fun when decorating your child’s room is that you may overlook some essentials that should be in the room.

Because we don’t want you to spend ages decorating your child’s bedroom only to realize you’ve forgotten a crucial furnishing for their room, here are three essential furnishings for your child’s bedroom:

The Right Blinds

Most people probably don’t give much thought to blinds.

Getting the right blinds in your child’s bedroom is important for two main reasons:

  • Keeping their room dark at night. Roller blinds made of a blackout fabric will stop light leaking into their room at night and create a darker environment for sleep. This will make it easier to get them to sleep.
  • Keeping their room safe. Ensure that whatever blind you purchase has adequate child safety measures in place to prevent accidents. Accidents do happen, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the child safety measures in place when you put your blinds up.  

Child-Friendly Storage

Next up on the list, we have child-friendly storage.

While this seems obvious, lots of parents buy storage solutions their little one’s can’t use themselves, because the storage is too high for them to reach or too heavy to open themselves.

This will lead to you having to come in and out of your child’s room to fetch their toys etc, a lot more often than needs be.

By making sure that the storage in your child’s bedroom is accessible and usable for you child will have two main benefits:

  • You won’t be needed to fetch and put away toys as much, so you’ll have a bit more free time.
  • Having your child able to take out and put away themselves will help teach them independence and give them some responsibility in keeping their room tidy which will help them develop good habits as they grow up. 

Small Desks For Small People

Again, this is something many parents don’t think about, but having a small desk in your child’s bedroom will help them get used to sitting at a desk and being active in preparation for life at school.

If your child is used to playing at a desk they’ll be a lot more receptive to their school education sitting at a desk.

Not only this, but the desk will be a good zone for trying to teach your child, but also a good zone for letting them be creative and messy.

Painting, drawing, etc on the desk should be encouraged and having a desk minimizes the amount of mess they can make, making your life easier in the process.


As your little one grows, so does the importance of providing them with their own space where they can have time to themselves and learn independence.

Get the right start on your child’s bedroom by remembering these three essential furnishings!

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