Kitchen Renovations That Never Go Out of Style

There are a number of reasons your family may be considering a kitchen renovation.

Maybe you’re moving and you’d like to increase your homes resale value and appeal, maybe you are forced to due to damage or deterioration, or maybe you are just plain tired of your kitchens outdated style.

No matter the reason, a kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking and this can be daunting; not only because of how much work it will be, but also because of how many choices you are going to have to make and how many options are available to you. It can feel impossible to know where to start or what direction to go in. Our first tip: always work with a contractor.

To help you gain your footing and get your new kitchen underway, we’ve decided to share with you our ideas on kitchen renovations that never go out of style – creating a beautifully timeless kitchen now means no additional renovations required in the near (or far) future, a win-win!

Focus On:

Neutral Cabinets

Rather than spicing up your reno with colorful cabinets, stick to the neutrals we all know and love and add pops of color with décor pieces – this way you can change the feel of the kitchen easily and at a low cost as your mood changes, with the seasons, or even for the holidays!

Stainless Steel

A number of new appliance trends are hitting the market, such as vintage appliances, colorful appliances, and even white is making a comeback – but stainless steel is still the top of the line choice.


Putting an island, especially one that provides storage and/or additional seating space, increases the functionality and resale appeal of any kitchen. Of course, this is only if you have the proper space and layout – while an island is desirable, an overly crowded and tight workspace is not!

Try to Avoid:


Sure, that copper farmhouse sink you saw on Fixer Upper would look beautiful, and those vintage blue appliances are a definite statement piece – but will they still be all the rage (and will you still love them) ten years from now?

Even more importantly, are they the most practical option for your needs?

Trends are just that – trendy. They are popular now, because one person did it, everyone saw it and loved it, and now everyone is doing it; this doesn’t make them the best option, and it definitely doesn’t mean they are the most practical option.

Trends don’t last – a few years from now there will be new and totally different trends, and then your kitchen will be dated and out of touch with the current trends.

You need to consider the long term, as kitchen renovations are time consuming and costly. Choose options that you won’t tire of and that will make your life in the kitchen as effortless as possible.


Focusing on tried and true styles may seem boring in the moment, especially with all of the fun and unique style trends that are currently on the hot-list, but trust us, trends fade and we know you don’t want to be re-vamping your kitchen in a few years when that happens.

The kitchen renovations we listed above won’t ever go out of style, meaning you will have a gorgeous yet functional kitchen that can stand the test of time!

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