The Principle & Practices of Scale in Permaculture

Use small-scale, intensive systems Start small and take achievable steps to reach your goal successfully. 

Work out from a nucleus on a controlled front.

Recognize natural limits, including your own. For example, if you have purchased a home on an acre city lot, you areprobably brimming with ideas, plans, and goals. 

But stop! realize that you can not reach your goals for this acre in a year. Plan first, and then take the time you need to work on your plan in achievable steps. 

Follow nature’s lead for scale. 

Kalachandji’s Community Garden in East Dallas

But what if you live in an apartment or actually have no available space to garden for some reason? If you have a sunny patio or balcony, you can grow some food in pots. 

If that is not suitable or does not have the scale of gardening you need or want, look for a nearby community garden to join. 

If per chance that is not a possibility in your area, consider starting a community garden. Churches, in particular, often have land that is not being used. Approach your church or a church near you for land use. You can agree that a certain percentage of the harvest will be donated to food banks as an incentive. 

A growing number of community gardens are springing up in Dallas-Fort Worth and North Central Texas!

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