8 Great Indoor Activities for Kids During a Storm

It may be impossible to go outside during a storm, but it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

You don’t need to rely on gadgets and technology to entertain your kids either. There are ways to keep them unplugged and occupied.

Try these indoor activities for kids during a storm, and it will be sunny again before you know it.

Indoor Activities You Can Try During Storms

1. Work on Art Projects

Unleash your children’s creative prowess through simple art projects. Hand them a paintbrush – or just washable paint will do.

Get pieces of paper, an old shirt or a clean carton ready and just let them paint their imagination.

You can also have them play with clay, yarns and colored paper. Just make sure to keep an eye on them if you’re giving them glue or kiddie scissors.

2. Build a Fort

Anything is possible in a child’s mind. You can take an empty box or some blankets, and your kid will turn it into a cave or castle.

Throw in pillows and stuffed toys, and the empire or kingdom is complete.

3. Watch a Movie (Plus Popcorn!)

Introduce a new animation movie or play their all-time favorite. Have them wear pajamas, dim the lights, get some blankets and give them popcorn.

The screening will surely be a blockbuster.

You can even turn it into a movie bonding night for the whole family!

4. Work on a Lego Project

Legos have never failed to keep kids entertained. They can try building a structured Lego project that comes with instructions, or just let their imagination run wild.

You’ll even discover new things about their personalities in the process and output!

5. Play a VR Game

Get your kids moving and exercising without forcing them to. Introduce a VR (virtual reality) game that encourages walking, jumping, or practicing hand and eye coordination.

They will surely be sleeping well at the end of the day.

6. Showcase a Fashion Runway

Let the kids model around the house with outfits they’ve put together themselves. Play good music to set the fashion show vibe.

You can film the whole event so they can watch it later or when they’re older.

7. Camp Indoors

Build a small tent in the living room, or make one using bedsheets.

Turn off the lights, hand them flashlights and smores, and let them explore the jungle in their little world.

8. Hold a Tea Party

One need not be royal for a tea party. Have your kids pick their cutest outfits while you bake cookies and prepare kiddie juice.

It’d be best if you have kid-friendly teacups and places, but reusable plastic ones will do.

Serve the afternoon treats on a low-lying table with kid stools, and let them chat their day away. Stuffed toys and robots are also invited.

Indoor activities for kids during a storm are all about learning, excitement and creativity.

For as long as you have make-shift tools and a fun story to tell, their imaginations can go places.

What do your kids enjoy doing indoors during storms? Share your family’s fun indoor ideas with us in the comments!

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