Prep Your Car For This Summer’s Family Road Trip

Everyone’s favourite season is just around the corner (we hope), so it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do to make sure your vehicle can handle the heat.

You probably already know that winter driving requires a lot of prep and special seasonal requirements, but did you know that summer does as well? To help you out, we’ve outlined 5 unconventional ways to prep the family car for summer here: take a look!

Check Your Coolant

Coolant keeps your engine running smoothly by preventing it from overheating. The engine is (somewhat) important to the operation of your vehicle, and without coolant it could easily overwork and become damaged in the heat of the summer.

Inspect that the coolant is at the proper level and check that the mix is at the optimal water to ethylene glycol ratio. You can find ratio testers at any auto parts store, or take your vehicle in to have this inspected.

Change Your Windshield Wipers

Not only are your current windshield wipers most likely torn up from a solid 7 months of wiping ice and snow out of your line of vision, but windshield wipers are also usually built for certain temperature ranges.

This means you should probably throw some summer wipers on there to ensure that you have nice clear vision on those rainy days that are on their way.

Check Your Air Conditioner

This one may not have too many negative effects on the car specifically, but having no air conditioner in your vehicle in the heat of the summer can not only be uncomfortable but can be dangerous.

Cars heat up quickly under the sun and can reach temperatures that are unhealthy to the human body. Do yourself, and any passenger you may have, a favour and ensure the AC is in good working condition.

Test Your Battery

Rising temperatures can take a bit of a toll on your vehicles battery. Heat can actually cause the fluid in the battery to evaporate, weakening the battery. The weaker your battery is, the more your vehicle will overexert every time you turn the key.

Test your battery and, if necessary, replace it (it’s recommended that this gets done every 5 years) to avoid needing a boost halfway to the lake next long-weekend.

Check Your Tires

Changes in temperature can affect the PSI in your tires.

When the PSI is not at the recommended level, it can not only wreck your gas mileage (no thanks) but it can also negatively affect your vehicles handling. The rougher your vehicle handles, the more wear and tear your vehicle will experience.

By keeping track of this simple measure (it’s usually shown on the dash of new vehicles), you can save your vehicle from being unnecessarily worn down (and save a few bucks on gas – yay!).

You can find your vehicles specifically recommended tire PSI in the owner’s manual.

Enjoy Summer Worry Free

These 5 easy ways to prep your car for summer can save you from having your lovely summer season interrupted by unwanted car maintenance.

Our vehicles play a big part in our daily lives, are a large investment, and carry important cargo (friends, family… even mothers-in-law), so it is important that we take care of them and in return they will take better care of us.

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