5 Self Care Tips for Busy Single Parents On the Go

Regular self care is vital in maintaining overall health. Taking the time to take care of yourself can help you become more healthy, attentive and focused.

As a parent, you know how much of your time and energy is given to taking care of others. In order to effectively support your children, you need to take care of yourself first.

Unfortunately for single parents, finding this time can be a struggle. Here are some quick and easy self care tips you can easily fit into your hectic schedule:

1. Write in a Journal

Journaling helps you work through your feelings and thoughts as well as provide catharsis from them. It gives you an opportunity to sort out and gain perspective on stressful situations.
All you need is a simple notebook and a pen. You can choose to free-flow your writing by jotting down whatever comes to your mind or you can use journal prompts to answer specific questions.
You can also use your journal to practice gratitude by writing down what it is you are thankful for.
Practicing gratitude can give you a little pick-me-up if you are feeling down.

2. Get a Massage At Home

Being a busy single parent on the go means you don’t have a lot of time to take care of yourself. While there are many health benefits to getting a massage, finding time to book an appointment with your busy schedule may seem impossible.

Luckily, there are massage therapists that can come right to your house – yes you can get a massage at home! You can enjoy the benefits massage therapy has to your self care in the comfort of your home.

Massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress by reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It can also decrease anxiety and depression as well as eliminate pain.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Take care of yourself by drinking plenty of water – your body depends on it! Water helps to deliver oxygen throughout your body and keeps your cells, organs and tissues healthy.

Staying properly hydrated also boosts the health of your skin, aids in digestion, clears your airways and cushions your brain (which improves concentration).

Have a glass of water in the morning and one before bed. Try to drink water during dinner and keep a bottle of water handy throughout the day.

4. Take a Deep Breath

Deep breathing has some amazing benefits such as pain reduction, improved blood flow and increased energy levels.

Taking a deep breath can also improve your posture and reduce inflammation in the body.
Practicing deep breathing is easy: simply find a comfortable position, breath in through your nose until you feel the air fill your belly then out through your nose. Repeat at least 3 times.

5. Have a Bath

Apart from the relaxation you experience when soaking in warm water, having a bath can help to promote heart health, improve your breathing, relieve stress and improve your mental health.
For an extra soothing soak that helps to reduce inflammation in your body, add baking soda and Epsom salt to the water.

Put Yourself First

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Therefore, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Use these tips to add some self care into your busy schedule. Your mind, body and soul will thank you!

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