7 Amazing Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Draw a Smile on Your Kid’s Face

There are few things on earth more memorable for a child than the magic of Christmas morning. They wake up at 5 am, too excited to sleep, and scamper down the stairs to start investigating their loot.

The smiles on their faces when they finally open their gifts makes the hours spent hunting for presents, trawling the web for the best deals, and late night present-wrapping sessions all worth it.

Here are 7 amazing gift ideas that will have your children smiling from ear to ear and make this Christmas one to remember.

Friendship Bracelet Maker

Finding fun toys for girls can be a challenge. But something creative they can do with their friends is always a safe bet. A friendship bracelet maker will let your daughter weave a friendship bracelet from in whatever colour and style she chooses.

A Talking Sorting Hat

Nothing catches children’s imaginations quite like the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Now your children can pretend they are at Hogwarts with a talking Harry Potter sorting hat.

Superhero Costumes

With Marvel churning out superhero movies every year, there is no sign of superheroes fading into obscurity any time soon.

Iron Man, Batman and Spiderman costumes provide hours of creative play and are an affordable stocking filler at Christmas.


Basic and inexpensive, coloured chalk lets kids turn your driveway or sidewalk into their own creative canvas.

Sometimes fancy toys and complex electronics are overkill when all your child needs to have fun is a box of chalk and a big driveway.

My Pal Violet

My Pal Violet by LeapFrog is a smart cuddly toy which can teach your child colors, numbers, and even sing to them. The toy is controlled by an app, which allows you to teach the cuddly dog your child’s name.

Mr. Food Face Plate

Does your child get bored at meal times? Maybe they don’t like vegetables, turning each dinner into a constant struggle? The Mr. Food Face Plate is a fun gift that could make your life easier at dinner time.

It is a plate with a face on it. The face has no hair, just eyes, a nose, mouth and ears. The child can then arrange their food on the face to create features. Peas become a bushy beard. Spaghetti becomes tangled and knotted hair. Carrots become eyebrows and a moustache.

A Scooter

Every generation has a period of time when scooters are popular. However, the modern scooters don’t just have two wheels and a brake. Newer models come with LEDs and multicolored lights. Not only is this a fun addition to a popular outdoor activity, but it also helps your child be seen when playing at night. What may seem like a gimmick has a functional real-world use.

These 7 amazing toys are ideal last-minute gift ideas that can be thrown in the stocking right before Santa sets off to make his deliveries. They are affordable, fun gifts guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face on Christmas morning.

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