What is a Golden Birthday & 10 Ideas to Make this ‘Good Luck’ Party Special

Golden birthdays only happen once in your lifetime - make them count!

By it’s mere name, most can determine through context that a ‘golden birthday’ is a big deal! But do you know why? For example:

  • Is a Golden Birthday good luck?
  • How do you figure out your Golden Birthday?
  • Is your Golden Birthday related to Astrology?
  • What sort of food and decoration ideas are appropriate?
  • What exactly IS a Golden Birthday??

Golden Birthdays: A Definition:

Golden birthdays only happen once in your lifetime. It’s when the date you were born lines up with your age. For example, if your birthday is February fifth, then your fifth birthday is the golden birthday.

For kids, a golden birthday is an opportunity to make what’s already considered a magical day even more special! Here are ten things you can do to make a golden birthday extra special.

1. Custom Party Shirts

What better way for your child to show everyone that it’s their special day than with a custom party shirt outlining their age? Imagine how amazing they’ll feel when the whole family wears a custom birthday shirt to celebrate their day.

Work with a reputable T-Shirt Printing service to have custom shirts designed for the big day. Then surprise the birthday boy or girl by having them on when he or she wakes up.

2. A Photobooth

A golden birthday is an occasion you’ll want to remember. Whether you’re having a family party or a big bash with your child’s friends, create a photo booth for them to pose and get silly with props.

If a professional photographer isn’t in the budget, create your own photo booth with a gold table cloth or streamers. You can buy a variety of printable props from Etsy or party stores, and can even make your own custom ones with your child’s name.

3. Balloon Door Wake Up

Imagine the joy and excitement on your child’s face when they wake up to a wave of balloons falling in their door.

After they go to bed at night, close the door and tape streamers across the frame. Then, fill the space with as many golden balloons as you can. When your child opens the door in the morning, all the balloons will fall in and greet them. Then they can burst through the streamers and start the day with a smile.

4. Golden Glitz and Glam

When celebrating a golden birthday party, it makes sense that the theme should be golden glitz and glam. Get gold decorations, plates, and utensils, and use golden wrapping paper when wrapping your gifts. Buy a cute golden dress or golden tie and top-hat for the special guest. You can even get gold flakes and edible glitter for the cake!

For older kids, ask guests to wear black and white so that the birthday boy or girl can be decked out in gold. This theme looks incredible in pictures and works really well in large events.

5. Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Make the birthday number an underlying theme for the day. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create a birthday scavenger hunt. If your child is turning eight, give them an eight-step hunt to find their presents. Write the clues on golden cards to make it extra special.

A scavenger hunt is also a great way to pass the time at a birthday party. Get the kids searching for various gold-painted treasures hidden around the home or have the clues lead to the birthday cake.

6. A Disco Dance Party

Nothing says “golden” like the golden age of disco. Have a disco-themed dance party that kids of any age will love. Not only will it keep the kids active at the party, but it will help them burn off the energy from the cake.

Get a gold disco ball and spraypaint some cheap heart-shaped glasses for guests to wear. Your golden birthday disco can just be a portion of the party, or it can be the overarching theme, complete with costumes.

7. Faux Champagne

Golden birthdays are often called champagne birthdays. Unfortunately for kids who celebrate their golden birthday before they reach the legal age, popping some bubbly isn’t an option.

However, there are a lot of sparkling non-alcoholic beverages to use instead. Soda water or Sprite can be used with a splash of juice to make virgin mimosas. Make it extra special by pouring sparkling water over champagne flutes with cotton candy inside.

8. Gold Medal Games

If you’re celebrating your child’s golden birthday outside, add an element of a field day with some competitive Olympic-style games. This is a great opportunity to pull out some classic birthday party games, such as the three-legged race or potato sack race. You can also use Olympic events, like the long jump or some basic gymnastics.

Every time a child wins, award them with a gold medal. Be sure to have a variety of games that gives everyone a chance to succeed. In the end, have a closing ceremony to celebrate the day.

9. Celestial Delights

Having a celestial-themed golden birthday is perfect for older children who can have a party in the evening. Light the party space with twinkle lights and golden balloons in the shape of stars and moons. Use starry table cloths and tones of navy blue to complete the look.

When serving treats at your celestial party, make cookies and snacks in the shape of stars and use edible glitter to bring them to life. Shake things up with a galaxy-themed cake and astronaut food.

Give the birthday boy or girl a starry golden crown to wear as they celebrate. For an extra special treat, hire a fortune teller or tarot reader to do for-fun readings at the party.

10. Gold Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to show the guests how much you appreciate them for sharing this day with your child. Using gold party favors is the cherry on top of the golden birthday celebration, and creates an opportunity to give out sugar-free loot bags.

Include things like golden, glittery sunglasses, notebooks, stickers, bubbles, bangles, and toy cars. Alternatively, stick with the theme by offering a few golden macrons or cookies instead of mass-produced sugary treats. You can even send guests home with a plastic champagne flute decorated with gold glitter.

Celebrating Your Child’s Big Day

Take some time to talk to your child about their golden birthday and what it means. They may not want a gold theme at their party, but like some other ideas for celebrating.

Regardless of which approach you take when you plan your kids’ birthday party, capture lots of pictures and make happy memories together.

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