Making a Time Capsule & 8 Other Projects You and Your Child Can Do Together

These fun activities are a great way to interact and bond with your child.

With parents struggling to balance time with their children and the responsibilities of life, it can be hard to interact with our kids in a meaningful way.

Maximize the time you do have with your little ones by engaging in a project that requires you and your child to work together to achieve a goal.

These fun activities are a great way to interact and bond with your child:

1. Plant Seedlings

Grab some seeds, dirt and a container and cultivate your own little garden. Have your little one water and care for the plants.

When the weather permits, transfer the plants to an outside garden.

2. Try a New Recipe

Browse through Pinterest with your kiddo and find a new and exciting recipe to try together.

Have your child help you plan the grocery list and pick up the ingredients.

Print out the recipe and have fun trying something different and tasty!

Feeling adventurous? Try these creative a fun recipes!

3. Make a Photo Collage

Using your phone or camera, take a bunch of pictures of you and your child. You can get creative by making silly faces or wearing different hats and sunglasses.

You can even have fun with Snapchat filters!

Print off the pictures and make a collage in either a frame or by glueing the pictures to a blank canvas.

4. Do a Science Project

Remember paper maché volcanoes? There’s no aspect of that science project that isn’t fun!

Or any science project for that matter. You and your kiddo can take on the volcano or any of these other super fun experiments.

Incorporating STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) into your child’s play is an amazing way to help develop their brain!

5. Build a Blanket Fort

There’s nothing better than building the ultimate blanket fort on a rainy or snowy day.

Grab every available blanket and pillow you can. Have your little one plan the fort and then build it together.

Use table, chairs and other furniture to stabilize your fort. This way, you can make it huge!

6. Make a Bird Feeder

If you have some pop bottles, popsicle sticks or milk cartons laying around, you and your little one can build a bird feeder!

Use glue and string to construct the bird feeder. Be sure to avoid using glitter and stickers – these could be harmful to our feathered friends.

Buy some bird seed, fill up the feeder and hang it where you and your child can watch as birds feed from it.

7. Put Together a Time Capsule

Find a container or box and fill it with objects or pictures that represent you and your child.

You can even have your little one write a letter to their future self.

Agree upon a length of time to put the capsule away (1 year, 5 years, etc.) and hide it away until it’s time to open it up and reminisce.

8. Write a Book

This is one of my favorite projects to do with my daughter. We staple some paper together to create a book.

She makes up the story and I write down the words, then we draw the pictures together.

My daughter loves these books so much that sometimes she wants to read them at bedtime!

9. Make DIY Greeting Cards

Gather your card stock, glue, glitter and markers sit down for an afternoon of card making.

You and your kiddo can make anything from birthday cards to Christmad cards. Stockpile the cards so they are ready to send out on special occasions.

Are there any projects you and your little one love to do together? Add to the list in the comments below!

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