The Surge In Adult Only Cruise Ships… #badparenting?

No kids allowed.

A phrase that most non-child ridden individuals love to see – in restaurants, events, shops, and cruise ships?

That’s right.

How? Why? When?

The cruise industry is booming – no surprise there. I mean, who doesn’t love a relaxing week away aboard a floating city ship (but like a really, really, fancy ship…) that takes you to all your dream destinations?

With this surge in cruise-happy travellers, the industry has expanded their offerings to bring you a number of different options such as themed cruises, and more recently an even more relaxing version of this dream vacation: kid free cruises.

Of course no one is dismissing the importance of a good, wholesome family vacation. We all know it’s important to get away and spend some time bonding with all of our loved ones (even the needy, little ones and the angsty, not-so-little ones) and having fond memories of family vacations for years to come is something everyone wants for their children. But let’s be real for a minute – even as a parent, a kid-free cruise does sound rather (totally * cough cough *) tempting, doesn’t it?

It would come as no surprise to anyone if the guests on these new adult only ships were equal parts single travellers trying to avoid shrieking toddlers and rowdy teens, and parents who excitedly dumped their kids with grandma and grandpa for the week in order to get some much needed R&R.

Does that make you a bad parent? We are here to tell you HECK NO.

Adult Only Time Is Not Only Okay, It’s Important

You parents out there who are sitting at home drooling over these kidless cruises and questioning your skills and loyalty as a parent have no need to fear – we wholeheartedly support your desire to go on a vacation alone, just the two of you (or a girls/guys trip, or even a trip with your mom or dad – whatever you need!) sans kiddos.

While it can be difficult, even unnaturally feeling, especially the first time around (cue separation anxiety) to leave your kids behind, even for a quick weekend getaway, you will realize sooner or later (let’s hope sooner) how important this you-time is.

Kid-free vacations are crucial to your mental health (yes, we went there), constructive to your growth as an individual (you can’t always just be a “mom” – you are still you!), and healing for your relationships (with your partner, your friends, and even your parents).

Book It!

If you have been eyeing that kid-free cruise that keeps finding its way into your inbox, we say book it!

You will thank yourself, your kids will thank you, your spouse will thank you (wink wink), and everyone else who enjoys these kid-free cruises will thank you as well – because the more people who book them, the more cruise lines will start to offer them!

Let the other moms judge you – commenting #badparenting on all of your insta pics of you sipping martinis on the ship deck, lounging on that flamingo floatie, or exploring some new tropical paradise. Whatever you do, do not feel guilty. I mean, you know better than anyone that they’re probably just at their tipping point and need someone to take their frustrations out on…

I think a kid-free vacation might fix that?


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