Family Vacations – How Singapore Stays Clean

If you are planning a family vacation to Singapore, the first thing that will catch your eye about the country is how incredibly clean it is.

Singapore is one of the cleanest countries around the world. This might seem surprising to a lot of people but Singapore is known for having some of the cleanest rivers and beaches.

Interestingly, if you go around the streets of Singapore, be it in the major shopping and financial district or even around the hawker areas, you will notice how impeccably the city keeps itself clean.

It is an interesting shift compared to other countries, but it is a much-needed one.

If you want to experience a truly clean city then Singapore is the way to go.

Should you find yourself visiting Singapore and then wanting to live there simply because of how much better the living standards are, you can look into more information as to how you can apply for permanent residence in Singapore.

If you are truly interested in learning a bit of history before planning your next family vacation, then you can keep on reading below:

The History of Singapore

Singapore gained its independence in 1965, and during then the small Island Country had nothing to offer.

The country’s first Prime Minister at the time, Lee Kuan Yew started acting fast, and amongst the many prominent changes he made during his time, his Keep Singapore Clean campaign was started, and this campaign then spread out everywhere.

While the campaign started on the streets, residents of the country were urged to keep their streets and public spaces clean.

This expanded to other public spaces like schools and offices, and another subsequent campaign was launched years later to encourage people to clean after their own public spaces.

The sewage system was then changed and all of the street vendors and hawkers were moved from the street and then given hawker centers where they would operate their stands.

The Importance of Cleanliness

Apart from this, Singapore also developed strict laws and put in high fines to make sure that the public continued to keep things clean.

Littering had a $300 fine, which was more than enough to discourage the general public from being careless with their litter. The maximum fine for littering can end up going up to $30,000 which is a pretty hefty price.

Apart from this the country also has a large number of registered cleaners that are assigned to keep public spaces clean.

Another interesting step that Singapore took was banning the consumption and sale of gums as well since they get sticky and can be messier to clean up.

While these rules might seem a little extreme when compared to how the rest of the world views littering and cleaning up, it has worked well for Singapore, and if anything, it has put them on the world map as a wonderful family vacation spot for all of the good reasons.

Mindful Residents

Even the residents in Singapore are very mindful of how they handle their litter and you will find them all diligent during trash days when they need to get all of their waste out.

You will then see the city’s trash collection buses dutifully arrive on time and collect all of the trash and then move towards the disposal of all of the country’s trash.

It is safe to say that Singapore has figured out how they want to deal with their trash, and they are doing a lot of good things here.

If anything, Singapore can serve as a model to other countries when it comes to how well they handled the littering problem.

A Clean and Healthy Country

Singapore is a tropical country and when you live in humid and tropical climates, proper waste disposal is very important and necessary because you are vulnerable to a plethora of health and wellness problems if you are not handling your trash properly.

By taking care of trash quickly and preventing it from accumulating, Singapore can prevent too many flies, mosquitoes, or other harmful vectors from breeding and growing.

This in turn helps to prevent the spread of diseases like Malaria, dengue, etc. keeping the population healthy and happy as well.

A Popular Family Vacation Destination

Singapore has made a lot of progress since its independence, making it go from a small unknown island country to one of the biggest financial hubs in Asia.

Singapore has also been able to attract a growing number of international interest and this is why a lot of people around the world are trying to break into their market.

Singapore has also managed to attract tourist attention, making it one of the most visited destinations in Asia, attracting millions of tourists annually.

Singapore has created a name for itself around the world, and a lot of people want to be a part of that movement.

When the time comes to plan your next exciting family vacation, consider the clean and vibrant country of Singapore.

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