4 Different Methods of CBD Consumption

The most recent prodigy is the realm of medicated marijuana is a compound called the CBD.

It is not only showing great benefits and impacts that it could impart to the human body but also becoming increasingly popular among the masses for its uses in various medical conditions.

It has steeply risen to the top of medical research and various studies have already been conducted regarding its benefits and medical effects.

While the one purpose of using CBD products may be to impart a feeling of relaxation and calmness to the body, these studies have revealed various medical conditions in which CBD can actually help and be regarded as a proper medicinal marvel.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound found and extracted from one of the oldest and widely known plants known to mankind, the cannabis Sativa, or simply cannabis.

The two major species related to this plant are the hemp and marijuana

Unlike its counterpart, the marijuana plant, which contains major concentrations of another widely recognized substance called the THC or tetrahydro cannabidiol, is extracted from the plant known as hemp which has less than 0.3% concentration of THC and is the major source for CBD and CBD based products.

It does not impart the euphoric feeling that its cousin, the THC, is known to possess.

Although CBD has gained immense popularity in recent years, the best-suited medium or form of usage for products derived from CBD and their methods of consumption for different people are still quite unclear.

Here is a general review of all the different consumption mechanisms for you to test out for CBD:

Oral Consumption

CBD is by nature a lipophilic molecule, meaning it can be easily absorbed into fats and oils but not in water.

Hence, the most common mode of its consumption is through various treats and oils that are taken orally with and without food.

There are many delicious treats that are available in the market like CBD gummies, cookies, baking mix, and CBD oils.

You can purchase cbd gummies online on various platforms now and these forms are becoming more and more popular with time.

CBD consumed orally with food takes a little longer to absorb because of the digestion process but the effects still kick in and provide longer sustainment this way.


When you think about the general idea of CBD and its nature, the most obvious method of its consumption turns out to be in the form of tinctures.

These modes of consumption involve taking CBD sublingually, either putting a tincture under your tongue or side your mouth to let it absorb into the bloodstream slowly.

These extracts are absorbed by the mucus membranes and capillaries and provide a long-lasting effect in your blood.

Inhalation by Smoke

While it may seem inappropriate to some people, vaping CBD tinctures or oils is actually a good consumption method.

Also, the social stigma revolving around the fact that smoking is only related to marijuana, and other drugs do not help the cause.

However, it is a known fact that smoking or vaping CBD products can result in the most efficient absorption compared to other forms of consumption.

By vaping, you eliminate the need to combust the CBD oils or tinctures which results in quick action and a carcinogen-free experience.

Applying Topically

The pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are much more impactful when applied directly to the infected area and topical application is thus quite useful in medical conditions involving joint pain and muscle pain.

The CBD is directly absorbed by the skin above the affected area and provides relief from pain and aches.


Hence, to summarize it all up, almost all of the users have been showing great results after implementing CBD products in their diet.

The results shown by all forms of consumption are promising and it boils to the personal preference of the user as to which kind or method of consumption he should choose to take.

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