How to Hygge With Your Family This Fall

You’ve probably come across the lifestyle trend known as “Hygge” – which is actually not a trend at all. Pronounced hue-gah, it is a Dutch word that means a feeling or moment of comfort and coziness. The Dutch created Hygge as a means to combat the darkness and boredom of winter.

I say it’s not a trend because it is more of a feeling that can be incorporated into your life than an activity that requires special items or equipment. Hygge is comfort – comfy clothes and comfy spaces. It is pillows and blankets, candles and firelight and hot, tasty beverages.

Hygge is shutting off the television and putting the phone down in order to connect with yourself or with those you love. This makes it such as important tradition to incorporate into a family where we tend to disconnect from each other and get lost electronics or busy everyday living.

With winter just around the corner, Fall is the perfect season to begin bringing Hygge into your home. Here are some fantastic ways you can create comfort and connection with your family:

Get the Gear

I did say that Hygge needs no special equipment, but it helps to have some fuzzy socks and cozy sweaters on hand to create that atmosphere of comfort. You can make a Hygge basket to store your comfy wears as well as snuggly blankets and fall-scented candles. Then, whenever the mood for Hygge strikes, you are well-prepared.

Family Photo Albums

Grab your old family photo albums, pile on the couch and take a stroll down memory lane. Not only is it fun to relive your own memories but also fascinating to see older pictures from generations past. You can also spend this time adding new pictures into the albums as well.

Good Books

For some reason, human beings have a hard time dealing with silence. We have to have music playing or a television on if we are not busy talking with others. This is why grabbing a good book is the perfect way to spend time by yourself or with those you love in comfort and silence. If you have small children, this is a great opportunity to read with them.

Autumn Walks

If you ever go on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that there is a large group of people who subscribe almost to an Autumn culture – fall foliage, sweater vests, pumpkin spice… There’s something magical about this time of year that a lot of people prefer to the warmth and sun of summer. Take advantage of the beauty of fall by going for a walk, either around your neighbourhood or at a local park or trail. Bring along a blanket and a thermos of tea and enjoy a warm drink on a crisp day.

Hot Chocolate and S’Mores

You don’t need a campfire to enjoy these delicious treats – they can be made right at home! Get the kids to help you put together the s’mores and brew up some delicious hot chocolate. Throw a blanket on the floor or curl up on the couch to enjoy this must-have cold day treat!

Board Games

I love joining in with families who have “family game night” traditions. Board games are a great way to connect with your family that doesn’t involve talking about your feelings or your day. Just throw down and a game and let the fun begin! Small children enjoy games such as Candyland and Trouble while Monopoly or Clue are perfect for the older crowd. If you are with a group of adults and dare to get a little raunchy, you can always give Cards Against Humanity a try! Or if you prefer something tamer, try Apples to Apples.

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