Practical Hair Loss Tips For Men

Hair loss is something that the majority of men will experience in their lifetime. Hair loss is not only for older males either. Younger males can also experience hair loss. It can be the cause of unwanted stress fro males all across the globe. If you feel that you fall into this stress-laden category of men, don’t fret! Read on as we share some every day, practical tips to help men that are beginning to experience hair loss.

Accept it!

Some men struggle with the idea of hair loss and pretend that it’s not happening or try to forget about it. While this helps in the short term, it doesn’t address the issues of self-acceptance or personal grooming, which are sooner or later going to catch up with him.

A more positive way to deal with hair loss is to consciously accept that you are losing your hair, and look at some of the steps you can take to deal with it.

Hair cut

One of the most common ways to deal with hair loss is to simply shave the hair off and wear it closely cropped in the future. While this doesn’t disguise the thinning or baldness, it makes the statement that you have accepted your hair loss and moved on. Some men even grow a beard or goatee for a completely different look that is still masculine and practical.

If your hair is thinning but not balding, there are haircuts that maximize the fullness of your hair, to give the impression that it is thicker. Talk to your barber or hairdresser about your thinning hair concerns, to discover if a change of style will improve the look of your existing hair.


There are some drugs and treatments that are scientifically proven to retain existing hair. Being able to “stop-time” for several years to avoid more hair loss can be very helpful.

These drugs are powerful, but they can cause side effects such as impotence, depression, and anxiety in some men. It is best to take your doctor’s advice before starting any course of medication.

Hair thickening spray

There are sprays and powders that thicken the hair and even color the scalp, to give the impression that a bald or thinning patch is actually covered in thick hair. These are often used by celebrities and performers, but plenty of everyday men in ordinary jobs use them too.

Hair transplant

A more permanent solution to thinning and baldness is a hair transplant. This involves your own hair follicles being moved from the thicker-growing parts of your head, to where it is balding or thinning. A hair transplant is a surgical operation and requires a few days of down-time to recover. While they can be expensive, some great deals can be found on hair transplant websites online. There are many reputable companies such as MedAway that can help answer any questions you might have about his procedure.

Thinning hair can be a stressful experience for men as they age. But there are options available to help make the process easier to digest and give you some peace of mind.

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