Modern Motherhood: A Look At How Mothers Have Evolved To Cope With The Times

Over the past few decades, the definition of being a mom has undergone a great change.

Since the beginning of time, mothers are known to be resilient, resourceful, and a force to be reckoned with. This is why some of the most famous artists, such as James Whistler, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol have immortalized their mothers in  some of their most acclaimed works.

Modern day musicians such as The Spice Girls, Kanye West and Beyonce have also written and sung songs about their moms, paying tribute to one of the biggest influences in their lives. In the past, being a mother meant taking care of the kids and maintaining a comfortable home.

But over the past few decades, the definition of being a mom has undergone a great change. Here’s a closer  look at modern motherhood, and how mothers have evolved to cope with the times.

More moms are working from home

Before the internet, moms had only two choices: either they could stay at home and watch the kids, or they could go to work.

Now, thanks to modern technology, they can do both, and mothers are running small businesses or taking on online jobs from the comfort of home.

And as staying at home has become the norm during the current Covid-19 health crisis, mothers are also increasingly using the internet to manage their day to day life, from hosting online baby showers  to celebrate their friends’ first child, to navigating tricky apps to help their kids with online schooling. Juggling a career, their kids’ schoolwork, and an active social life online can be quite daunting, and a new study has found that the  pandemic has taken a high toll on working moms’ mental health.

Nevertheless, mothers always find a way to push through as they try to live a more balanced life during these challenging times.

More women are postponing motherhood

Studies have found that most women are waiting to get older before having their first child, and in 2019, it was found that the average age of first time mothers in the United States was around 30 years old.

Women from other parts of the world are also postponing motherhood: most Italian and Spanish women are having their first child at around age 31, while those in the United Kingdom are having their first babies at age 29.

Being an older first-time mom comes with a lot of advantages – not only are most women more financially stable at this stage in life, but one is also more emotionally equipped to handle the challenges of being a new mom.

New moms are practicing conscious motherhood

Back then, it was pink for girls and blue for boys. But as new moms are becoming more socially conscious, many women are now leaning towards gender-neutral items for their little ones.

Children are also getting educated about gender identity at a younger age, and mothers and fathers are being praised for progressive behavior, such as allowing their sons to play with dolls or letting their daughters wear “boyish” clothes.

Modern moms are also practicing environmental consciousness at home, often choosing green products or adopting a plant-based diet in the hopes of improving their family’s health while caring for the planet.

Indeed, motherhood has undergone significant changes over time. As women cope with the various challenges that come with parenting, it will be interesting to see how things will continue to change in the coming years.

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