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Thingsfor ME to DO!

5 X 9 = 45 MultiplicationFacts Table Check it out.Great for games!

   A= 5 Codes Use our code to write a secret or a letter to a friend or relative.

+8-3 Numbers Game Play this game with anynumber of people or by yourself!

 safetyball.gif (4346 bytes) Safety Help your family stay safe righthere!

Imagine What is it?

smalldice.gif (2516 bytes) Bean CounterGame Get rid of your beans without breaking zero!

tapemeasure.gif (3545 bytes)AlternativeMeasurements Imagine alternatives in measurements!

hotairballoon.gif (5084 bytes)Alternative ways Imagine alternativesin your school day: like riding to school in a hot air balloon!

genielamp.jpg (1874 bytes)Alternativestories Sometimes you are presented alternatives. Other alternatives are createdby you. Have fun creating alternative stories here.

scalessmall.gif (1623 bytes) Weight: In the olden days, people weighed two things by holding one in eachhand and comparing how heavy they felt. Learn about weight from then until now.

bdaycake.gif--for calendar in things for kids to do. Calendar:Make a calendar just for you–with all the dates andbirthdays that are special to YOU!

hatonkid.gif (1512 bytes)H is for Hat: Index

asmall.gif (1848 bytes)One of these doesn’t belong: Index

crtdogpup.gif (4216 bytes) Zoo: Name all the animals you would have in your zoo and farm, then tell whattheir babies are called. Even a place for pretend animals, too!

bulldog1.gif (2373 bytes)Top DAWG: Two to four players roll the dice to see who is the TopDAWG!

brokeegg.gif (3940 bytes) Volume You have volume.You take up space. This is one you do in the kitchen or yard with mom’s permission!

mathfun.gif (2183 bytes) Weekly Fun Click here for weekly fun with math.

Mgnread.jpg (11959 bytes) Mike’s BikeI can read Mike’s Bike! I can read Mike’s Bike!

  What’sHappening?                                                            manclub2.gif (2726 bytes)                                                 
Let’s Figure It Out!                                    
dinotiny.gif (2116 bytes)

jack5.gif (5750 bytes) Boo!

1stthanksgiving.gif (4086 bytes)


For Parents:

The Joy of Reading:Author Ted Tillotson explains how you can give the gift of readingto your children, then tells how one crotchety teacher and onewonderful story added the joy of reading and writing to his life.

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