6 Rewards for Good Grades That Are More Heartfelt Than Cash

One of the best feelings as a parent comes when your child shows you good grades. What’s the best reward? Here are 6 choices that are more heartfelt than cash.

Money talks, or so they say. But it’s not the only thing that can encourage your kids to work hard in school

If you’re struggling to help your child find the motivation to earn good grades, try some alternative ways besides paying them. Other forms of rewards can have a bigger impact. Here are some great ideas for positive reinforcement.

Have a Party

Let your child have some friends over for a celebratory party. If this is a normal occurrence for your household, consider making it a sleepover or letting them invite some extra friends. Award your child something extra special for the evening because of their hard work.

Meaningful Message

You can’t spoil your kids with praise, so make sure you let them know how proud you are with genuine praise. You can send a free ecard or write them a note to express how you feel. Praising them in front of other people, or talking about their great work to others while they can hear, is another way to make sure they know you care.

Extra Screen Time for Good Grades

There are lots of ways to award extra screen time, from homemade tickets and coupons to changing the WiFi password at opportune times. However you choose to get it done, kids will appreciate the privilege of extra time to play their games or watch their shows. Let them know how much extra they get for each awarded grade, so they have the incentive to do it again next grading period.

Delicious Treats

Who doesn’t love a special treat? Make your child’s favorite dessert, whether you bake a cake or go get ice cream together. They’ll love the novelty of the treat and the time with you one-on-one.

If regular treats are part of your meal plan already, consider trying a new dessert recipe that you know they’ll love. Something like a Pink Lemonade Stand cake or another unique choice gives them a surprise and a sweet treat. Then everyone else in the family gets to enjoy it, too.

Later Bedtime or Curfew

Let your child know that because they worked so hard to earn good grades, you’re going to trust them to be out a little later next time they’re with friends. Of course, you can be selective about the evening and which friends, because parents still need to watch out for their kids. But a later curfew gives them extra time for fun and makes them feel especially grown-up.

If you have younger kids, let them go to bed later than usual. This type of privilege makes them feel extra special, and it will help them with motivation to earn good grades again next time.

Donate to Charity

Rather than giving your child money, let them choose a charity to give money to. Make sure they know what the charity can do with certain amounts of money, so they know what each good grade buys. For example, the animal shelter may buy a bag of dog food with every A they earn.

This will help them understand the value of their hard work, and when they’re having trouble with motivation, maybe they’ll remember that a little more hard work could feed some more puppies. Let them choose a charity they care about, and then volunteer there together when you go to make your donation.

The Best Incentive

Kids respond to positive reinforcement and encouraging bonuses. Reward their good grades with non-monetary rewards that help them understand how much you value their hard work.

Special treats like sleepovers with friends, encouraging notes, screen time, treats, extended curfew, and charitable donations can help them want to continue working hard in school.

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