5 Reasons You Might Not be Able to Conceive

Problems in pregnancy have drastically risen over the past few years. Although it is daunting to predict the reasons for these complications, there are various causes that might be the culprit.

Unable to conceive? This one’s for you!

Have you been finding it difficult to get pregnant? Are you trying hard but all in vain? Is it an underlying problem? We know how you might be muddled with these types of questions, but don’t worry. Read on to give yourself some clarity and peace of mind regarding this issue.
While the inability to conceive is one of the leading reasons, the list does not end here. Habits like smoking and drinking are also some of the major causes of male infertility. If you are impatient to know which one’s yours, here we go!

Sperm Count

Sometimes, sperm count can be a matter of concern during physical intimacy in couples. If there is not enough sperm to do the job, chances are slim for conception. This problem, also known as male infertility is very common in males across the globe. Immune fertility and genetic defects are some of the reasons why about 10 to 15 percent of the male population is affected by infertility.
A thorough examination of the penis and other important parts of the lower region can help doctors to reach a proper conclusion regarding the primary existence of this problem. Until an assessment is done, it’s wise to give up on all forms of unhealthy habits to boost good health. Problems like premature ejaculation can also be the reason behind it.

Have you been trying enough?

Many of us are misled into thinking that we have been trying hard forever. But is that really true? While in some cases, there are chances of conceiving after trying within 6 months, most partners are able to conceive after only trying for more than 6 months. Recently, it was estimated that 84% of couples conceive after 6 months of trying (within a year!).

So, don’t give up. Try to have well-timed intercourse. Don’t stress about it and make it become forced at any time. Make sure you take the time to enjoy sex with your partner. If it’s made fun, it gets easier.

Age is ‘NOT’ just a number

With time, the egg in a woman’s ovaries begins to change in both quality and quantity. For the most part, it deteriorates, but most people assume it’s fine.

Conception becomes increasingly more difficult for women after 35 and for men after 40. If you are in this age bracket, you might not have as many years to conceive as you might have initially thought. If this does apply to you, try consulting a gynecologist. They might be able to help increase your chances. Don’t give up!

Female Infertility

While many people believe that female infertility can never be treated, here’s the good news. Some doctors say that the idea of female infertility is a mere rumour. Female infertility is at large a result of underlying problems that are left unexamined for most partners. By consulting a few senior doctors who have skilled experience in treating patients with infertility, you might be able to reach a conclusion to the problem. With a good diagnosis by an experienced gynecologist, you might be able to get some answers.

Is it a medical condition?

Have you ensured a comprehensive physical check-up for your inability to conceive? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time to do so. Thyroid imbalance, depression and autoimmune diseases like Lupus can be some of the causes of your infertility.

At first, it might seem unrecognizable, but later it might not just harm your pregnancy but also your entire health and well-being. Make sure that you visit a doctor for a thorough check-up. If you feel that anything is off in your body, consult a doctor immediately.

Make sure you get yourself checked before it’s too late. If you’ve been able to recognize any of the above reasons, take immediate measures to keep yourself as safe as possible.

If you try to conceive in the right manner, it will surely happen at the right time. All the best!

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