How to Help Your Elderly Parent Settle Into a Senior Care Facility

For many seniors, making the transition from their own home to a senior care facility can be quite emotional. It can be a time filled with stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, and even a sense of loneliness.

After living in their own home their whole adult life, just the mere acceptance that assisted care is necessary can be very tough. But this transition period doesn’t have to be filled with negatives.

There are many ways in which you can help your elderly parent to see this as a positive move, and help them to settle into their new residence.

Understand the Different Types of Living Options

When you hear the words “senior living facility”, it’s easy to jump to conclusions about what it is but there are different types of senior living options. Typically your parent will be able to choose from independent living or assisted living.

Independent senior housing will give them their own accommodations that can be quite spacious where they will get the bonuses of laundry and housekeeping services, possible restaurant-style dining, and a number of social clubs, exercise classes, and activities at the facility.

This style of housing may actually be a lot more accommodating and fun for your parent than their current set-up.

For those seniors that need more personalized support and care, assisted living makes more sense. This means they will get assistance with medication management, getting washed and dressed, and so forth.

Take Them for a Tour Beforehand

If at all possible, it’s also a good idea to schedule a tour of the facility before they move in.

This will take away some of the questions and fear they may be feeling as they can see for themselves what life will be like at the facility, what the accommodations are like, how social the atmosphere is, and so forth.

At the very least it will make them feel a bit more comfortable.

Make Sure They Have Everything They Need

Speaking of comfort, this should really be the top priority when moving your parent into a senior care facility. Of course, their safety and well-being are important, but you want things to get off to a good start which means they need to feel comfortable.

You can speak to the facility in advance regarding what they can and should bring with them in terms of belongings, take the time to help your parent unpack and settle in, and be sure to add personal touches to their room so it feels like their own space.

Keep the Lines of Contact Open

The final tip is to make sure you keep the lines of contact open especially during those first few days and weeks where they may struggle to get settled.

Popping in for a visit or giving them a call on the phone can make all the difference and help them to feel loved and cared for.

It’s a Big Step

Moving your elderly parent into a senior care facility, no matter how much or how little support they need is a huge step.

There is bound to be some fear and stress surrounding it, which is why it’s important to acknowledge it and help your parent to settle in.

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