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Gift Giving: Choosing Gifts for Teens and Tweens.

Gifts and Gift Giving: Suggestions for choosing gifts for teens and tweens from a father.

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Gifts and Gift Ideas

Gifts for Teens and Tweens: Gift Ideas

Rob McLean

Gift ideas and the giving of gifts:A father of teens and tweens makes suggestions for choosing gifts for this age.

Cell Phones as GiftsIf they do not already have one, a cell phone is the number one gift desired byteens (well, maybe a car but let’s get real). If they do have one, you stillhave a few options for gifts:

  • There are a few accessories that you might check on such as a leather cover.
  • You could offer to pay part of their bill–that is a double gift for the teens and their parents.
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service) Messaging (Sending text messages to cell phones). The cost of sending messages depends upon the teens’ cellular service plan covering messaging traffic, others charge a fee, usually around 10 cents, for each outgoing message.

Computers as GiftsNext to a cell phone, teens stay in touch with computers. The computer itself isa welcome gift but in lieu of that gifts can include:

  • Software
  • Accessories
  • Computer games

Digital Cameras as GiftsA digital camera is also welcomed by teens who do not have one. And for thosewho do have one, more gadgets and upgrades are excellent gifts.

Music, DVD, and the Like as GiftsCD Players, DVD Players and the CDs or DVDs to go with them are good teengifts.

The Latest Style as GiftsIf, and only if, you have a teen-ager to help you choose, go after the lateststyle in clothing or accessories.Keep that receipt, though, anddon’t be surprised if your teen wants to return the gift.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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Other Gifts

  • Game consoles
  • Hand-held game systems
  • Portable MP3 players

Money as GiftsDid I say cell phones were the best gifts? Money may be the best gift for someteens. My daughter wants presents to open, though, so be careful if you decideto send money.

If you have suggestions for other gifts for teens and tweens, please sendyour gift suggestions here.Thank you.

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