4 Gorgeous Baby Room Trends for 2019

Preparing for a new little one can be an exhausting and exciting time! While you are gathering supplies and sorting out the logistics for your new arrival, you also have an opportunity to decorate your baby’s first room.

While you want the space to be functional, this will be your child’s first room so you want it to be special as well. Thankfully, today’s trends are simple and clean and don’t require a lot of time or money to design.

You also don’t have to be a professional to execute these amazing looks!

Here are 4 more than adorable baby room trends for 2019:

#1: The Minimalist

With everyone Kondo-ing all of their possessions, it’s no wonder that minimalism has found its way into the realm of baby room decoration.

(In case you don’t know, Marie Kondo is an organizing consultant and author of many books that teach minimalistic living. Her focus is on inspiring people to choose joy over stuff.)

A minimalist baby room has a clean and simple look with less clutter, decor, toys and furniture than most baby room styles. This provides a fresh atmosphere and more space to move around.

This design trend often features a ratio of 90% white and 10% color, focusing more so on monochromatic (2-colored) color schemes featuring black and white or combinations of neutral tones.

Wooden toys and furniture add a simplistic and sleek look to a minimalistic baby room.

#2: Boho Vibe

If you find simplicity too stark, but love the idea of an airy atmosphere, consider a Boho look by incorporating nature into your baby’s room.

You can achieve the Boho vibe by actually bringing nature into the room through houseplants and natural fibers such as jute, hemp and wood. Jute and hemp can often be found in string form, making it easy to DIY some key elements in the room such as storage baskets and lampshades. Many stores also carry baskets and accessories made of hemp and jute.

The beauty of the Boho vibe, besides the natural look and feel, is that you can add a touch of jewel-toned colors (such as emerald, sapphire and ruby) to give the room a real trendy look. Consider adding the an accent color in the curtains, pillows or ceramic decorations.

#3: Patterns and Shapes

While wallpaper may seem out-dated, there is a rising trend of adding bold patterns to baby room walls. You can cover every wall or choose one wall to focus the pattern on.

If wallpaper seems like too much pattern, and too much work, you can elect to use decals to add some shapes to the wall. Wildly popular for 2019 are geometric shapes such as triangles and prisms.

For those who are artistic, you can designate a focus wall to a custom painted mural. This can really help establish the overall theme of the room.

#4: Hygge

Lastly, you can opt for a warm and comfortable Hygge feel. Termed from the Dutch tradition of warmth, family and relaxation, Hygge incorporates all things cozy and comfy.

Consider a shade of gray for the walls with neutral accents. Decorate with big chunky blankets and oversized squishy pillows.

Complete the Hygge atmosphere with soft lighting, either with warm bulbs or string lighting.

Have fun with accessories!

However you decide to decorate your little one’s room, you can always add a personal touch through accessorizing.

Consider adding the following elements to your new baby’s room:

  • pom poms
  • tassels
  • garland lights
  • your baby’s initials
  • meaningful quotes
  • rugs
  • crib canopy

Don’t Fret About the Space

We all want the magazine look when it comes to our baby’s room, but don’t stress yourself out about creating a perfect look. Establish your theme, your colors and a few key pieces and you will have an amazingly adorable room for your little one!

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