6 Child-Friendly Upgrades for Your Home

Making upgrades is a common goal for many homeowners.

Whether you’re trying to improve the home value, or just make your home a more enjoyable place to live, there is always something else you want to do.

However, having children changes the equation a bit. You need to take them into consideration when deciding which home upgrades you want to do.

With that in mind, here are 6 child-friendly home upgrades for you to consider:

1. A Play Room

Perhaps the most popular option for a child-friendly home upgrade is building a playroom. A playroom is a dedicated space where your kids can spend time, no matter how old they are.

By giving them this designated space, you not only make the home more fun for your kids, but you can help to keep the rest of the home a little neater.

Ideal spots for a playroom include your basement or a spare bedroom.

Once you decide which space you want to give your kids, it’s just a matter of adding some comfortable furniture and some of their favorite things to do in the room.

2. An Additional Bathroom

As your kids get older, they’ll start spending more time in the bathroom. This can cause a bit of a traffic jam when everyone in your family is trying to use the same bathroom before work and school in the morning.

To help relieve some of this traffic, and to give your kids some more privacy, consider adding in an additional bathroom.

Adding in an additional bathroom is a big job, but when you factor in the rise in home value you can receive, it’s often worth it.

To do this, you’ll need to work with a contractor and a plumber to ensure the job gets done right.

3. Build a Treehouse

If you don’t have space inside for your kids to play, or if you just want to encourage them to spend more time outside, consider building a treehouse in your yard.

Kids love spending time in treehouses and turning them into their own space.

Of course, doing this requires a sturdy enough tree, plus the skills to build one yourself. Online guides can help you build a treehouse if you’ve never done it before.

And, if you’re not comfortable doing this, consider building them a small shed on the ground instead.

4. Improve Your Internet Speeds

Another issue you’ll have as your kids get older is more demand on your internet. From playing games to video chatting with their friends to getting homework done, each of your kids will likely be using a significant amount of internet each day.

If you don’t make some upgrades in this department, you may find that everyone’s connection speeds are slower and less reliable.

You can start by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and see if they have a faster package available.

Another option is to upgrade the router you are using in your home, or install network extenders to provide better coverage throughout the home.

Finally, you can also look to run Ethernet cables throughout the home, to provide a stable wired connection.

5. Stain-Resistant Furniture

For those of you with younger children, by now you’ve likely had an accident or two on your furniture. Maybe it was some spilled juice, or maybe there were some muddy feet involved.

Whatever it was, you know how hard it is to clean some of your furniture and get those stains out. A good solution to consider is upgrading to stain-resistant furniture.

There are some things you can get, like couches, which are made of a material that resists stains. This will help them last longer and protect them against your young kids.

6. A Home Office

Finally, something for you. If you’re going to be working from home, you’ll want a dedicated space that allows you some privacy from your kids.

Building a home office is the best solution. With a home office, you can shut the door and get work done while your kids play in the rest of the house.

In addition, this can even become a place where your kids get homework done when you’re done using it.

Upgrading a Family Home

It’s important to think of your kids whenever you want to upgrade part of your home.

Will the kids be able to benefit from it? How likely is it that your kids will damage something that you’ve upgraded? What can you change that everyone will enjoy?

By thinking of these questions before you make any decisions, you’ll find ways to upgrade your home that everyone loves, while simultaneously improving your home’s value.

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