6 Tips For Finding The Best Moving Companies

Finding a reputable moving company that provides quality services is more complicated than it may seem.

There are many moving companies out there that deliver services that are below par and don’t seem to care about your precious belongings.

Below are six tips that you can use to ensure that you are using the best moving company:

1. Referrals, Recommendations And References

The best way to ensure that you choose a quality moving company is to get a recommendation or referral from someone you know.

However, it is important to make sure that they have used the company to recommend referring friends or family who own a moving company.

If they have had a good experience with the movers, then it is more likely that you will also have a good experience.

Following that, you can ask a few national moving companies to provide you with a reference from previous customers to who they have relocated.

Keep in mind that they will probably only give you references from customers who were happy with their service and not from those who had complaints.

However, a couple of good references show that some people are happy with the service they received at least some of the time.

2. Online Reviews

Social media, search engines, and online search directories are not just a good way to find a moving company but also to assess their reputation.

Most of these platforms allow users to rate the service that they received out of five stars. They also have the opportunity to comment on the service and say what their personal experience was like.

Any national company that receives over four stars is generally recommended as having a good reputation.

Remember not to base your decision on one or two bad ratings or comments. It is difficult for even the best moving companies in the world to keep all their customers happy all of the time and get everything perfectly right every time.

3. Pay Them A Visit

Visit the company website and check for testimonials and other information about the services they offer, how long they have been in business, any credentials or associations they may have, and the areas that they serve.

If this information is not available on their “About Us” page, contact them to find more. If they aren’t happy to provide the information, it is probably best not to use their service.

It is also recommended to visit their business premises in person. This will help you eliminate scam artists and establish that they are running a proper business operation.

A business premise that is clean, professional, and busy is a good choice. You also get to meet the staff so that you can put a face to a name in your future communications.

4. Communication

Good communication lies at the heart of customer satisfaction. Find out if the national moving company is willing to communicate with you in different forms – via phone, email, or even on social media messaging platforms.

Assess factors such as how long they take to return a call or respond to an email or text message.

Also, check social media sites as to whether they respond to previous customers’ complaints, how they respond and if they are willing to take the time and the effort to resolve the issue even though the move has been completed and payment already made.

5. Compare Quotes

It is recommended to get quotes from at least three different moving companies but five if you can.

Compare the bottom line first – how much the entire move will cost you and then the services that they provide.

Additional services should justify a higher cost.

Also, check that you require the listed services to get a better idea of which company will be providing you with the greatest value for your money.

Keep in mind that the cost of the move isn’t always a reflection of the quality of service that you will receive. We associate a higher price with better quality, but this is not always true in the moving industry.

A cheaper quote does not necessarily mean a low-quality move. A high price does not always mean that you will get the service that you expect for paying more.

6. Equipment, Tools And Materials

Find out whether the moving company will provide all the equipment, tools, and materials needed to complete the move.

If you have special moving needs that require specialized equipment or tools, the moving company may not have these.


They will either hire the equipment and charge you extra or try to move the items in a way that is not recommended, which could cause damage or the total loss of the items.

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