The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls, Boys and Adults

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what to wear for the occasion!

Halloween is such an exciting time for both children and adults. You have an amazing chance to flaunt your creativity by transforming yourself with an eye-catching costume and some amazing makeup.

However, choosing a character or theme can be a very daunting task – there are so many options to choose from!

To make this task easier for you, here are some costumes ideas for girls, boys and adults that are sure to make your Halloween party revolves around you:

Popular Halloween Costumes for Girls in 2020

Harley Quinn

This DC superhero has humongous hype among youth as well as children.

The Harley Quinn character has been so famous that who would not like to dress like her as her costume, makeup, the hairdo is just so fab.

You can add some props like an inflatable hammer or bat to finish the style and now you are ready to step outside to join your friends for this Halloween.


Why not become part of the Little Mermaid’s world and become Ariel in real life?

You all might have watched how Ariel would just look gorgeous whatever she wore.

Dress up gorgeously like her with a shoulder strap and peplum that sits on top of your skirt. You can put on a wig like her along with some jewelry to give a finishing touch. 


Now you got the chance to wear something pink!

Barbie has been one of the favourites for all children and even grown-ups today. Her beautiful eyes, whatever she wears, her hair, makeup everything inspires girls.

Try to find a vintage Barbie shirt along with super cool skirts. You can pair up with heels and wear a funky wig as well.

Alice in Wonderland

Don’t tell us you have never heard of Alice. Alice and the wonderland have been a huge hit among children, adults, and elders too!

From story books to movies of Alice in Wonderland has been a huge hit!

You can make yourself Alice with a blueish wig, tutu, and top with accessories such as hairbands, suspenders, and many more. Just amaze the guests with your creativity and cherish your memories of Alice in Wonderland.


Now that you’ve got some amazing ideas to give yourself a royal touch, why not become Aladdin’s Jasmine this Halloween?

You can transform yourself into Jasmine inspired by the Aladdin movie of Disney.

Put on some vibrant color costume with gorgeous hair braids with some pinch of jewelry and rock the Arabian Kingdom!

Cat Woman

If you have not heard about Catwoman then let us tell you that she is one of the best American superhero characters of DC Comics.

Those who have watched the movie Cat Woman would recognize her.

You can convert yourself into her with an amazing black dress paired up with long black gloves and tiny cute cat ears too! 

Minnie Mouse

Now comes the favorite character of almost every generation! Minnie Mouse! Yes, you can dress really like Minnie Mouse this Halloween.

From children to grownups everyone just loves her character – cute, funny, funky all in one right.

So, pair up your red bodysuit with Minnie mouse ears and white tutu. And yeah! paint your tip of nose black and there you go! Minnie Mouse of the day!

Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys in 2020

Spooky Shadow Demon Boy

Ever walked in dark and felt someone with shiny eyes staring at you in the dark.

Might be a cat or a shadow? It could be something creepier though!

You can transform yourself into a shadow demon that does not look like a demon with a completely dark black costume paired up with battery-powered glasses that light up in the dark!

We bet one who encounters the shadow demon will have chills!

Moonlight Werewolf

You can transform yourself or your little boy into a werewolf with an amazing furry werewolf costume to give them the look they want this Halloween.

Transform yourself from normal self to a frightful Halloween creature. This theme for the day will for sure look great!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan, who is best at flying, can bring joy to everyone. Turn your tiny bundle of joy into a joyous tiny peter pan and start the adventure in Neverland!

You can get the costume of Peter Pan or sew it up into a whole green velvet in multiple shades of green.

We believe that your little toddle is going to rock the Halloween party!


Has your child with puppy dog eyes ever requested you or demanded to be Spiderman?

Whether your child wants to enjoy the web-swinging or just dress up like a spiderman, this is a special occasion when you can fulfill your kiddo’s demand and make his wish come true.

There are numerous costumes of spiderman available in the market. Get his dream and let him amaze his friends.


If your boy is also one of the huge fans of Adventures of Sharkboy then we bet he wonders to be like him. Your toddler can also become a Sharkboy.

Dress up your boy like a Sharkboy this Halloween wearing as a stretchy and comfortable grey jumpsuit with accessories and matching boots!

Won’t he look amazing in a Shark Boy costume running here and there with joy? We can imagine your smile seeing your Sharkboy smiling!

Plants Vs. Zombies

We hope your kid loves playing the zombie game and wants to know about those zombie plants and characters which he shoots in his game.

It is super easy to transform your little one into a monster with huge popping eyes like a plant!

Put on green leggings with an oversized cartoon mask which you can create yourself or get from the market with a speck of dirt looking blazer.

No matter what way you choose to transform your little one, it is guaranteed for them to have a good time.

The Soul Taker

This theme can be perfect for this Halloween as it looks spooky and breathtaking as well. The soul takers roam around in search of lost souls to take.

Let’s transform your boy into a devious soul taker with a frightening costume. You can make your child wear a black pullover robe that is ripped off.

Make it a bit messy along with black gloves and mask. Get a reaping sword along with the costume.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults in 2020

Gothic Dead Bride

Nothing can be more gothic than a wedding dead bride dressed in a black gown. You will look gorgeous in a black gothic gown to be partnered with a dead ghost at the party.

Whether you are ready for the celebration or getting cold feet knowing that you will be wearing an amazing black gown, this would be enough to get down to the great Halloween party!

Just do your face makeup more gothic to look real and spooky!


Want to show your villainous side to the party-goers? We have an amazing idea!

What else can be the best villain to be than the Jafar from Aladdin?

We hope those who have watched Aladdin might know the hideous side of this character who looks super villainous.

The costume of Jafar pairs up with a red cape which will give you an evil entrance to the party and make you the showstopper.

Wonder Woman

Becoming a superheroine is not super easy as it comes with the fight and superhero powers.

Although in real life, superpowers are just limited to the chapter of books. Want to be the superheroine of the day and don’t have superpowers?

No worries! You do not need any kind of superpowers to feel like one.

So many people love Wonder Woman and this can be one of the auspicious chances for you to be the Wonder Woman of the day.

Dress up in a  wonder woman halloween costume with a red cape and you are good to go!

The Nun

Everyone gets goosebumps when you see a Nun in the dark with a black nun gown, painted white face with white contact lenses worn. Just imagine it.

Why not turn yourself into the nun that will show up in the nightmares of everyone?

Get a dreadful nun costume which is easy to get as well. Paint your face white like the character.

You can refer to some videos for DIY tutorials and step out as one of the frightening creatures to scare everyone. 

Nightmare Clown

Thinking about a serial killer and spooky clown brings goosebump and chills. We swear your folks would get scared of this character this year.

A clown costume seems very terrifying, especially in the dark. You can get any kind of costume for this and get your jaw-dropping makeup done.

What else would you want? Step out of your house and we bet no one will even recognize you. 

Caribbean Pirate 

Be the best pirate of the day and make the look easy.  Just like a real pirate, you can coordinate your shirt with a pair of pants, jackets, belts, and sashes.

Consider keeping the shirt loose with ties at the neck. Put it all together with an amazing makeover and you are ready to become the captain of the party.

Make sure to pair them with your matching hat and bandana to complete the look. 

Happy Halloween!

Now that you have so many halloween costume ideas options for you to recreate yourself this Halloween, who will you be this Halloween?

There are so many options beyond this list and you can simply do so much from your creative skill.

Get inspired by a mix-and-match costume and rock the day with your friends!

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