What is co-living & it it a good (safe) choice for women?

Most people have heard of co-living by now and may have even considered it. It is a new way of renting a home and is a great choice for people who want to live on a budget.

It may be ideal for students, people wanting to relocate and even those visiting other cities for work related matters. Co-living areas are available in major urban areas in the form of flats, apartments or even houses.

It includes the shared use of facilities like the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

People may benefit from free coffee (in some cases), pools, security, free internet, cable TV and even cleaning services.

Are Co-living spaces cheap?

Co-living spaces are generally cheap however, there are upmarket spaces available as well. Compared with rentals though, they are a far better option with much more benefits. Depending on the amenities offered and the location of the apartment, the price can be cheap to a relatively higher price.

Is it advisable for women?

The answer is Yes! Co-living is a great option for women over 30 who want to break free from the mundane routine of their lives and begin new adventures or simply wanting to relocate.

It is a great way to experience all that a city has to offer while still living on a budget or deciding on the city you would like to permanently move to. Co-living allows women (and of course, men) the opportunity to meet new people and have a new experience.

In a world where everything is fast-pace, and everyone is so focused on surviving and thriving, co-living is actually an ideal solution.

Benefits of co-living for women

You can Outsource it:

There are numerous co-living companies that will pair up people with similar interests and lifestyles, thus you are more likely to be living with people who share the same interests as you do.


Co-living provides the chance to experience community living whilst relocating to a new city. This is ideal for women, as a community-based living space would feel safer and homelier. It provides you with friends that you can hang out with and get to know.

It’s easy:

You just need your suitcase. All other necessities are provided as co-living is much like living in a hotel space. It is ideal for the modern-day working woman as no cleaning is necessary. And, since the spaces are shared, they are often bigger.


Co-living spaces are safe and secure which is another benefit for women to have peace of mind when you are home. They also have CCTV cameras for extra security.

Most places have automated locks which work with a code or an app on your mobile device, this is another great feature for women wanting to co-live.


Owners are often not too far away and are easily accessible if the need arises to contact them.

Co-living is ideal for women as it offers a great amount of security and safety features.

People living in the house with you have already been screened by the owners of the property so you can have assurance that you are safe.

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