5 Tips to Shelter your Kids From Bullying

Bullying is one of the most prevalent vices among kids. It could be in form of abuse, beating, or even stuff being taken away. Unfortunately, most kids don’t disclose the bullying tendencies to their parents fearing retribution from the bullies.

In recent years,bullying-related across the world have drawn the attention of many as many adults take bullying as “part of being a kid.”However, as a parent, it shouldn’t be so. It could leave your kid or any other kid with many negative effects suicide being one of them.

What are symptoms that your kid is being bullied?

The signs of bullying may not be so far from the parents’ eyes as you will start noting the missing personal belongings, limited friends, or even unexplained injuries. This may also be compounded by stress associated symptoms like headaches, loss of appetite, bedwetting, hopelessness, sadness, and anxiety.

Kids who happen to be victims of bullying may also exhibit behavioral symptoms, like avoiding schools, retaliation, and decline in school grades.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of 5 tips to shelter your kid from bullying.

1. Discuss bullying openly

As indicated, most kids will choose not to discuss bullying with the parents. This is because most of them feel embarrassed and fear being viewed as inferior or weak. However, as a parent, it’s your sole responsibility to encourage your teen kids to openly talk about bullying once they encounter the vice.

Tell and show them that it’s not their fault that they have fallen victims of bullying and show them love and compassion. To avoid them slipping into hurtful and suicidal thought, have them enroll for a professional therapy and always accompany them to keep track of their progress.

2. Befriend your kids on social media

This sounds like a no-brainer suggestion since most teen kids don’t feel comfortable being friends with their parents on social media. After all, who would like their mom or dad stalking their Facebook profile to see whom they are in a relationship with?

However, as a parent, it’s always good to insist that your kids should include you in their kid’s friend list on their social media platforms. You can do so without necessarily having to look like a stalker by respecting the fact that they are teens and will sometimes post outrageous stuff.

Being a close friend of your kids online allows you to see people who post mean messages towards your kids online and how to counter that accordingly. Since inbox messages may be hard to trace, always make sure you have candid conversations to the extent they would feel free to share anything.

You can also monitor the amount of time they spend online and come up with an appropriate timetable on when they are allowed to do so. You can do so by placing the home computers in public places where everyone using them can be monitored without having to look like a moral cop.

3. Report to the authorities

If you see or suspect a serious bullying case, it’s also a good idea to report to the school authorities for appropriate action. You can even go further and arrange a sit-up with bully’s parent to discuss the behavior of their kid and how it’s negatively impacting on your kid.

You can also form a lobby group to sanction the authorities to do something about bullying. More and more countries are coming up with stringent laws in implementing anti-bullying laws by making it criminal to bully. If you feel like the school authorities aren’t helping enough, the local police can also help you out.

4. Encourage them to be empathetic

By encouraging your kids to be empathetic, you are training them to reduce chances of them bullying others and avoid friends who bully other kids. Empathy allows for prosocial behavior development hence good social relationships.

5. Help them build self-confidence

Low self-confidence is one of the factors that bullies capitalize on while bullying their victims. As a parent, you can devise interventions that elevate and promote confidence to reduce the risk of your kid being bullied.

These interventions can range from sports and other activities that your kids excel in. By so doing, you not only reduce the isolation factor but also gives the kid moral support.

In conclusion

Bullying is a serious problem that shouldn’t be condoned in modern day society. This is because it interferes with the overall wellbeing of your kids. As a parent, always be on the lookout for any abrupt behavioral change or any other funny character change as your kid could be experiencing bullying. With the above 5 tips, you will be able to effectively counter this vice and allow your kid to thrive both physically and socially.

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