Parent Smoke Addiction: How to Keep Your Child Safe

Traditionally, the term smoking has generally been used to describe the process of inhaling the haze made by the combustion of cut tobacco. Nowadays, however, the idea of smoking is much more versatile. Today, smoking refers to the inhalation of haze generated in many different ways using a variety of different products.

People are always interested in new ways of getting what they want. It’s become general knowledge that the traditional way of smoking is tremendously harmful. The negative effects include multiple health and social problems which is the reason why a large portion of smoking addicts are now seeking less harmful alternatives.

IQOS Wikipedia page, various vape reviews, and numerous online shops are proof that the consumers are interested in new ways to satisfy their habit. The interest in newly developed smoking products is not only caused by the smokers’ self-interest but also because of the concern for the wellbeing of others.


To begin with, let us look through some statistics. In the United Kingdom, tobacco is at the top of the list of the most widespread causes of preventable deaths. Also, it is known as the cause of many serious diseases. Even the most advertised hookahs, the best vaping devices are all filled with tobacco, liquid nicotine, and a bunch of harmful chemicals that can damage your health over time. Chewing tobacco can also cause addiction, heart disease, gum disease, cancer, and so on.

The most widely known health issues caused by nicotine intake are gum disease, ulcers, heart disease, lung disease, stroke, and different types of cancer.

You might think that smoking harms only you, but that is not true. Children are particularly susceptive to the influences (both good and bad). Therefore, the primary cause of concern is your behavior becoming a bad influence on your children.

Other risk factors could harm your child’s body and mind. Second-hand smoke consists of more than four thousand chemical particles, many of which can cause cancer. Other health risks include ear infections, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic cough, and other respiratory problems. In general, children exposed to smoke are more prone to different infections because their immune system is continuously under threat.

Some people switch to vaping in hopes that finding the best vapes could offer some sort of protection for their young ones. However, there is a reasonable fear that some vapes could have similar adverse effects as cigarettes. The risk factors could be different but the fact that the alternatives to combusted tobacco are dangerous is still valid. The important point here is that even if you possess vapes, you should not ignore the potential risks that come with your device. There are cases when children tried to drink some e-liquid, which could cause death in many cases.

Furthermore, beyond the bad influence and the health issues caused by smoking itself, there is also the risk of fire hazard. Those people who smoke usually use either matches or a lighter. Children, being curious by nature, could reach out to these sources of fire and create serious damage to property or worse.

There’s also the matter of simple domestic economics, smoking addiction is costly. It’s the amount of money that you could spend on paying for your kid’s sports equipment or a foreign language course instead of on cigarettes and vaping devices.

Usually, it is said that good vapes save money in a long-term perspective, however, you still have to purchase liquids and other components.


1. Be a real example: try to quit smoking. For sure, that is not easy, but when you are aware of the fact that you might have a negative effect on your child can help you to give up a harmful habit. Try to spend more time with your family instead of smoking. Organize some family holidays to celebrate a week, month, or a year without cigarettes. Your loved ones will support you.

2. Talk to your friends: if you have smoking friends, ask them not to smoke when they come for a visit. They should understand and appreciate your putting your family needs in the first place.

3. Educate your child: it is also essential for a child to understand all the possible dangers that smoking might bring into his or her life. Be friendly and honest.

All in all, it is critical to set your priorities straight. You have to define what is more important to you: your child’s health or your smoking activity.

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