How important is access to a car when you’re having a baby?

When parents find out they’re about to have a baby, some of the products which appear on the shopping list most frequently are nappies, baby grows, car seats, high chair and jumperoos.

You don’t often hear about people mentioning a new car in the same breath. Our post today looks at how important a car can be for new parents, especially those having their first child in their day to day lives.

Precious cargo

The biggest factor which makes a good car important is the sudden appearance of very precious cargo in the form of a pregnant mum and then the baby itself. You may not have given a second thought to your current car and how safe it is but suddenly, a safe car becomes much more important considering the bundle of joy. Upgrading to a model which is safer on the road can reduce anxiety for the parents and offer more protection should the worst happen on a journey.

If you’ve previously not hard a car at all this is the time you suddenly realise how handy having a car could be. How are you getting back and forth from the hospital appointments, how will you make sure you see friends and family regularly? These are just a couple of questions to ponder over.

More reliability and protection from the weather

A car is a safe method of transports when the weather is unfavourable such as rain. A car keeps you on the go, unless of course it’s an unreliable one. Getting a new car offers better reliability which protects parents from being stranded waiting for road side assistance and ensures they never miss out on any important events such as a scan, sensory class or a midwife appointment.

A study by Manchester based personal car leasing firm All Car Leasing highlights that reliability was the most desirable factor in a new car for first time parents. You can find their study here which takes a look at parents and their driving habits in much more depth.

More space

Having a baby takes up a lot of space in your home and they will need more of your motoring real estate for journeys too. A car needs to be able to carry the pram, changing bag and all sorts of other things.

Sometimes you want to get to somewhere that isn’t walking distance or you need to go to the supermarket for a food shop. Life is so much harder when you don’t have a car that is able to take all this stuff for you.

Driving aids

Most modern cars now have the option of in-built satellite navigation, parking sensors, collision detection and automatic emergency breaks meaning people are now much better equipped to get to new places with ease – these advancements allow parents greater freedom of movement to take their baby to new places and experience new things they would not without them.

These new features make the driving experience much less stressful for the driver and make journeys easier for all. All Car Leasing’s study highlighted how so many parents were worried about getting lost with their child in the car.

Closing comments

To conclude, many may have seen a car as a luxury before the baby came along but will now see it as a necessity. What are your experiences on the road like since you became pregnant or had a baby? We’d love to know in the comments section below.

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