Communications’ Quiz: Know Your Style of Communication

Our Communications quiz shows different styles and patterns of communication and how you talk with people.

It further helps you communicate with different types of people. Finally, your communication styles and patterns better understood.

We’ve all had times with our spouse or even very good friends where conversation dragged. We went away feeling drained or frustrated.

Fortunately, we have also had time with our close friends or spouse when conversation was very satisfying. The time flew by as we talked.

We have met people that we could not converse with at all, while meeting others where conversation “clicked. They were easy to talk to.


Was it a bad time of day for them? For you? Was one of you talking too quicklyfor the other?

Have you ever wondered why a person was so hard to get to know?

Have you ever wondered if people think you are hard to get to know?

This quiz may answer some of your questions. These questions can give you insight into your own patterns of conversation and communication as well as at least provide a clue about other people’s communication preferences.

The Quiz

Read these statements and rate each one with the number that best describes you. There are no right or wrong answers, only you.

0 Never
1 Seldom
2 Sometimes
3 Often

1. I absorb information quickly.
2. I am talkative early in the morning.
3. I am talkative late at night.
4. I pay attention to visual details.
5. I give short, concise answers to most questions.
6. I keep most of my thoughts to myself.
7. Much of the time I am absorbed in my own ideas.
8. It is easy for me to identify my feelings.
9. I believe most of my thoughts are of interest to others.
10. I believe most of my thoughts are not of interest to others.
11. I believe most of my thoughts are none of anyone else’s concern.
12. I have difficulty expressing my thoughts.
13. I have difficulty expressing my feelings.
14. I base my decisions more on logic than emotions.
15. I like to talk about intimate and/or emotional matters.
16. I have a hard time knowing what I’m feeling.
17. I feel overwhelmed or confused when people jump from one idea to another.
18. I am a fast talker.
19. I quickly tire of a subject.
20. I speak slowly, often pausing to think.
21. I feel bored or anxious if my partner talks too slowly.
22. I feel bored or anxious if my partner talks too quickly.
23. I like to be the center of attention.
24. I vigorously defend my thoughts and opinions.
25. I like to talk about what I am feeling.
26. I like to have good conversations when I eat.
27. I don’t like to talk when I eat.
28. I like to talk to someone when I drive.
29. I don’t like to talk when I drive.
30. I do not like to talk about money or financial matters.

Now answer the following questions in a few words or a few paragraphs, whatever your “style.”

As a general rule, the times of day and general situations when I feel most available to talk are _____________________________.

I listen most attentively when people (examples: talk slowly, talk quickly, don’t dwell on one subject too long, speak with enthusiasm, speak in a calm voice, share their emotions, etc.) _____________________________.

It is difficult for me to pay attention when people (talk at length about work, jump from topic to topic, talk only about problems, etc.) _____________________________.

It is difficult for me to talk when (people ask too many questions, I am tired, I first wake up, etc.) ___________________________________.

Your Answers

Look for a pattern in your answers. The pattern expresses your individual styles of conversation and communication. This personal insight will help converse with many different types of people.

Portions of above were excerptedand edited from Hot Monogamy by Dr. Patricia Love and Jo Robinson.

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