5 Telltale Signs That Every Unhealthy Relationship Shows

When you’re in a dead-end relationship, things generally get worse before they get better.

It’s important to know when to break up because unhealthy relationships can take a toll on your life as a whole. There are some key signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship, and you need to be aware of these signs.

To this end, consider the information below.

Telltale Sign #1: Mutual Toxicity

It is definitely time to call it quits in your relationship when you notice that you are both being toxic toward each other.Dealing with this level of toxicity is horrible for your stress levels and can cause you both to become people that you are not.

It’s best to get out fast because when toxicity is allowed to fester, it can often devolve into ugliness, abuse, and even legal issues. Never let these bad feelings get worse — simply take it upon yourself to leave.

Telltale Sign #2: The Name of the Game is Tit for Tat

When tit-for-tat is happening all the time, it is yet another sign that you need to get out. These tactics of pettiness and manipulation are signs that neither of you is happy and are only slinging shots at each other.

Be mindful of this energy and have some open and honest discussions if neither of you is happy.

Telltale Sign #3: You Find Yourself ‘Venting’ about them, and Relationship Problems Dominate Your Thoughts

When you notice that the bad feelings of your relationship are dominating the good, you need to free yourself of this burden. It’s easy to slip into complaining a lot, but if you notice all your conversations with friends, or thoughts during your day veer toward unhappiness in your relationship — you know it’s time to leave.

Your health and wellness can suffer if thoughts about your failing relationship are dominating your thoughts. The last thing you would want is to let this stress you out and take away from your joy, health, and wellbeing.

Telltale Sign #4: Hello Silent Treatment

When the silent treatment is happening more often than not, it’s definitely a sign that you need to get out.

This silence speaks volumes, and you need to heed the omens. Set a boundary that you deserve a relationship with communication and pleasantries, and don’t settle for less.

Telltale Sign #5: There’s an Elephant in the Room – and it’s Huge

Let’s face it — nine times out of ten, if you ever break up with someone, you knew the relationship was dead months ago.

When you are in the “elephant in the room” stage, don’t let it linger. Discuss your issues and resolve to either fix them or move on.

Consider These Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

These are some telltale signs of unhealthy relationships. When you can heed these signs, you can then take control of the situation so you can better your life.

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    Thanks, I am now better informed about toxic relationships and when its time to call it quits. Please keep it up!

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