14 Signs the Person You Are Dating is Into You

Dating is difficult, and no one wants to waste their time on someone who is not into them.

In order to make sure you are dedicating your time to the right person, here are some early signs that the person you are dating is into you:

1. Eye Contact

We tend to make significant eye contact with people we are interested in. If your date can’t stop gazing into your eyes, it’s a good sign they are into you.

To figure this out, come up with date ideas where you position yourselves face-to-face, such as dinner or a board game!

2. Your Date Asks Lots of Questions

We are all excited to talk about ourselves in the early days of dating. While this is completely normal, you can tell if someone is into you if they ask you a lot of questions.

This means that they want to learn more about you!

3. They Make Future Plans

I’m not talking about marriage or fancy vacations, but if someone is making plans to see you again, it’s a sure sign of interest.

No one wants to commit to spending time with someone if they’re not interested. They’ll make plans ahead of time instead of contacting for a quick meet-up just because they have some spare time.

4. They Come Up With Creative Date Ideas

If your date is constantly suggesting mundane date ideas like grabbing a drink at a bar, it could mean that they are bored and just want to spend time with someone.

Those who come up with creative date ideas are putting effort into how they spend their time with you. They also want to come off as exciting and fun!

5. They Touch You (But Not Inappropriately)

Another sign that someone is into you is “accidental” or innocent touching. This could be a quick touch of the arm or allowing your knees to touch when sitting together.

Of course, if this makes you uncomfortable, be sure to communicate this to your date.

6. They Don’t Talk About Past Relationships

At some point, the past will come up in conversation. This is just a normal part of getting to know someone!

But if your date refrains from dragging up past relationships or bragging about romantic conquests, it means that they are focused on you.

7. They Ask For Your Opinion

When your date asks you for your opinion on something, it means that they value what they have to say.

They may ask for help with decisions about simple things like what to watch on Netflix or major choices like what type of car to buy.

8. They Want You To Meet Their Friends

When a date wants you to meet their friends, they usually want to show you off!

It’s also a sign that they want to include you in their social life, which indicates interest.

9. They Seem Genuinely Excited to See You

You know you’re on the right track with the person you are dating if they have a little extra pep in their step every time they see you.

They wouldn’t be happy to see you if they weren’t interested.

10. They Do Things That Are Thoughtful

While most people you date will try to impress you (think bouquets of flowers!), the ones who are truly interested will do thoughtful things for you.

This could mean bringing you a coffee in the afternoon to help you perk up or sending you a song they heard during the day that reminded them of you.

11. They Focus On Your Similar Interests

Not everyone you date should be a carbon copy of you. It’s always more interesting to date someone who is into different things.

But if you find your date playing up your similar interests, even if they aren’t as passionate about them as you are, this means they are interested in you.

12. They Send Meaningful Texts

There’s nothing wrong with receiving a daily “good morning” from the person you are dating, but this can quickly become more of a habit than a meaningful message.

If they are interested in you, they will send you things like links, funny memes, videos, and other things they think you may enjoy. Or they will initiate actual conversations and flirt with you.

13. They Share Their Future Goals With You

When you’re dating someone who is not interested in you, they won’t share their future plans and ask for your input.

An interested date will talk about what they want and see what you think about their plans. They want to see if you fit into the direction they are heading.

14. They Remember Things You Have Said

You’ll know if a date is interested in you if they bring up things you have said. This means that they are truly listening to you and find what you have to say important enough to remember.

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