Mens Corner: How to Build Muscle by Raising Your T Levels

Did you know there’s been a sharp decline in testosterone levels in men over the past decade? This decline in T-levels, highlighted by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, has been caused mainly by a dramatic change in our lifestyles over the past few years. Technological advancements and rapid digitization has brought almost everything we need to our fingertips.

No need to visit the supermarket or complete a task for work or even switch on the music player. We can achieve all these things with a smartphone in our palms.

While this has made our lives hugely more convenient, it has continuously reduced our physical activity, resulting in declining testosterone levels. Although a small decline goes unnoticed, a sudden drop can lead to increased fat, low muscle-mass ratio and reduced libido.

No wonder then that hardcore testosterone boosters like High T Black by King Fisher Media have become very popular. However, it’s highly recommended that you read High T Black reviews before making a decision, say experts at Mens Health Digest, while emphasizing the importance of getting complete information on dosage and side effects.

Let’s have a look at how one can increase testosterone levels to build muscles and enjoy a more energetic life.

Minimize Stress by Controlling Cortisol

While our physical activity has reduced, our stress levels have increased. Higher stress levels is the root cause of higher levels of cortisol in your body.

And, elevated levels of cortisol can impact the testosterone level in your blood stream. With higher stress and cortisol levels, we also experience an increase in our food intake. This can lead to obesity. Excess fat could result in the loss of muscle mass and lower our testosterone levels.

So, you may want to avoid stress or build your capability to destress at the end of the day. Don’t forget the advice given by your nutritionist and try to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

A Full Night’s Sleep

There’s a strong relationship between the number of hours one sleeps and the level of testosterone in the body.

A good night’s sleep can boost testosterone levels in the body, according to studies conducted by the Department of Medicine of the University of Chicago. And, the levels declined markedly with sleep

Workout is Your Friend


Exercise is key to good health and can also increase testosterone levels. Strength training programs have proved to be particularly effective in improving your T levels.

If you notice a decline in your energy levels, don’t just attribute it to the natural process of aging. A decline in T levels could be the main culprit. T levels start declining after the age of 30 and it’s important to prevent any rapid decline.

You can begin by reading hardcore testosterone booster reviews to know their dosage and side effects. If you want a product with natural ingredients, read up on High T Black by King Fisher Media.

With a little bit of focused effort, you can maintain your vitality and enjoy a healthy life for longer.

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