Your YouTube Personal Trainer (& How To Stay Fit & Healthy On A Budget)

If your family is on a budget (and let’s face it, which family isn’t!) and you want to lose weight, the price of a gym membership can seem to be rather steep and may lead to you not exercising at all.

In order to help, the Cyber Parent team has created some easy tips to help you stay fit and healthy whilst on a budget!

Create A Home Gym

When trying to stay fit on a budget it is important that you try to cut costs where you can and make the most out of what is readily available to you.

Purchasing second-hand gym equipment is a great way to get fit and not spend a fortune on a gym membership. This way, you can just purchase the equipment that you need, instead of paying for a costly gym membership and only using one piece of the equipment.

If you are on a budget, then it may seem tempting to apply for short term loans to cover the cost of your gym equipment, however, it is important to remember that these loans are to be used in financial emergencies only, and should not be used as a form of additional income.  

Second-hand gym equipment, such as weights and skipping ropes can be found in some charity shops, on Facebook and even at car boot sales, so you will be able to afford the equipment, without having to take out a loan.

Drink Water

Although this may sound too good to be true, the benefits of drinking water are visible in all aspects of your health.

By drinking water, you won’t feel as hungry all the time, which will help you to lose more weight in the long term, as you won’t be eating as much due to not feeling as hungry. In addition to this, drinking water also helps to raise your metabolism, so your body will burn calories quicker and help your body to get in better shape.

Furthermore, the increase of water in your body can help your body to function better as a whole, in addition to helping to reduce headaches and boost concentration.

Use Your Surroundings

If the idea of having a gym in your house sounds too expensive for your budget, then why not use your surroundings. Whether this is a walk around the block or going for a run through your local park, these are both ways that you can keep fit without spending a single penny.

If going on a run sounds like fun, but you don’t want to run alone, then join your local running club and socialise whilst keeping in shape. If there isn’t a running club in your local area, then you could start one yourself and create a positive, healthy atmosphere in your community.

Eat Smart

When you finally decide to start a diet, the hardest part can be giving up your favourite everyday treats, such as chocolate and other sweet snacks.

However, these can still be consumed, but just in moderation. If you fancy having a sweet treat, then you must balance it out with the right amount of exercise and by consuming enough healthy nutrients, to avoid gaining weight.

Furthermore, there are also superfoods that you can eat that not only encourage weight loss but can be incorporated easily into your everyday diet. Moreover, superfoods, such as eggs, are an excellent source of nutrients.  

The ‘YouTube’ Personal Trainer

Another way that you can get fit on a budget and save yourself money is to use YouTube as your own personal trainer! 

With plenty of fitness videos available for you to watch in your own time, you can get diet tips, healthy recipes and workouts at the click of a button, which can be fitted into your busy lifestyle.

Even athletes and famous faces, such as Olympian Tom Daley, have taken to sharing their fitness regimes on YouTube to help others be fit and healthy without spending a fortune.

We hope that this quick guide to getting fit and healthy on a budget will help you to get into shape without spending a mass amount on a gym membership. Start your fitness regime and diet today and see the quick results in no time at all!

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